Guarantee Drapery cleaning service

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Guarantee Drapery Cleaning Service Shipping Custom-made Silk Drapery to be clean from significant dog urine odor & stains, To The PetPeePee Company from Hongkong to Florida. Publish By: Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee® company nationwide service. Cleaning Drapery/Curtains from a dog or a cat is the PetPeePee business. The PetPeePee® company [...]

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How to remove urine odor stains from silk drapery

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How to Remove Urine Odor/Stains from Silk Drapery? Publish 06.19.2021 By Mr. Meir Martin, the Owners of the PetPeePee company, Nationwide service. Shipping drapery to be clean Cleaning a Custom-made Silk Drapery from urine odor/Stain yourself will lead to Brown stains that can permanently stain. Don,t use Enzymatic cleaning products on the drapery! [...]

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Buying Oriental rug/area rug/Persian carpet, what’s the difference.

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Leaving room decorated with a high-quality area rug Buying Oriental rug/Area rug/Persian carpet, what's the difference. Buying Oriental rug/Persian carpet What's the difference between Oriental rug/Persian carpet to ordinary area rug? Allow me to explain. Oriental carpet Persian carpet Turkish carpet Afghan carpet is well known around the globe for its quality and [...]

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Why this is happening to me

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Why this is happening to me? Know what kind of question to ask your carpet cleaner provider, after you discover that your dog or cat has been urinating on your favorite area rug I found out this morning that my cats using the dining room area rug as a replacement to the litter [...]

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PetPeePee Company, customer’s stories

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PetPeePee Company, customer’s stories Customers story "I Need PetPeePee Service Dogs on Custom-made sofa, PetPeePee service develops a secret cleaning product that is Odor-free and Organic. The Dead Sea Minerals is the only cleaning product that nature creates to remove the urine odor. Since 1991 PetPeePee Company has visited thousands of households [...]

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