ZuZuRuZu – Fine Oriental Rug Cleaning Without Urine Odor

After high demand, PetPeePee offers fine Oriental rug cleaning for rugs that DO NOT have dog or cat urine odor. By cleaning Oriental rugs with our natural blend of Dead Sea Minerals, the Oriental rug gets cleaned from dirt and soil, plus it is left odor-free and revitalized by the natural solution.

Using Naturally Blended Minerals from the Dead Sea that are odor-free, pet friendly, and organic, your Oriental rug will be clean and safe for your family to walk or lay on the Oriental rug. We never use any chemicals, deodorizers, enzymes, or other cleaning agents that cause color runs or permanent damage.

The PetPeePee System Color will never run Guarantee.

Naturally Blended Minerals from the Dead Sea
Completely odor-free and fragrance-free (deodorizer-free), PetPeePee’s minerals kill bacteria without masking the odor with other smells or fragrances.

Nationwide Service
PetPeePee’s headquarters/facility is in Pompano Beach, FL. Shipping options and assistance is available throughout the United States. Local delivery and pick-up are available in the tri-county area of South Florida. For pricing and shipping information, text us at 954-594-2564 or call us directly at 561-221-2815.