Drapery Cleaning from Dog and Cat Urine Odor

Cleaning a custom-made drapery from dog/cat urine odor, what it takes to eliminate the urine odor, allows me to explain.

Custom-made draperies made with a high-quality material Silk, Cotton, Linin, bright and shin cut to a specific measurement. Custom-made silk drapery will enhance the living room to a Sweet home.

After the dog or the cat has been urinating/spray the draperies, the draperies become a magnet for the Pets to continue their habit. Leaving the drapery with the urine scent will attract the pet to continue urinating on the draperies; the bacteria will deposit the brown stains that will become permanent stains.

Ignoring the problem will lead to permanent stains and unpleasant odor in the room/house.

What makes PetPeePee company different from the rest of the Drapery cleaner?

We develop a natural odor-free cleaning product from the Dead Sea and a secret cleaning process to ensure minimum shrinking, never color run, and 100% urine odor removal completely and permanently.

The Dead Sea minerals are the main cleaning product to clean your drapery, and the benefit of it will never deposit unpleasant smells into the fiber.

PetPeePee reviews Angie’s List, Facebook, and Google prove that what I promise I deliver.

To contact a business with PetPeePee company, Text pictures to 954.594.2564, and we will provide you the pricing and shipping information.

Benefits of the PetPeePee System for Removing Urine Smell and Pet Stains from Draperies

Naturally Blended Minerals from the Dead Sea
A special blend of Dead Sea Minerals is the secret to removing dog and cat urine odor from Draperies. Completely odor-free and fragrance-free (deodorizer-free), PetPeePee’s minerals kill the urine odor bacteria at the source without masking the odor with other smells or fragrances.

Nationwide Service
PetPeePee’s headquarters/facility is in Pompano Beach, FL. Shipping options and assistance is available throughout the United States. Local delivery and pick-up are available in the tri-county area of South Florida. For pricing and shipping information, text us at 954-594-2564 or call us directly at 561-221-2815.

Our cat was using our silk drapes as his bathroom, the smell was awful, I found Pet Pee Pee on the internet, and they took care of it. This has been, I honestly say, the best experience I ever had with a vendor.
Meir is very responsive and professional. The drapes look great now, and no cat urine smell.
I highly recommend his services,
Sincerely, Cesar Gira— Beverly Hills, Ca.

Cesar G. , Angie's List Review - Verified
Dear Pet Pee Pee, I own two adorable Havanese dogs that made our custom made drapes their own.
The pee pee smell was so strong we could no longer utilize our living room. The bottom of the drapes had
frozen and hardened from our dog’s urine.

Calling Pet Pee Pee was the last step we could make before totally replacing the drapes. Meir Martin took our drapes down and processed them through his unique cleansing system and VOILA! – our drapes were like new with the urine smell completely removed.

Thank you Pet Pee Pee and highest recommendation is hereby given.

J. Joerber, Website Submission
Dear Martin,
After having some major kitty urine soak some very expensive drapes in my home, I had them cleaned (the drapes – not the kitties) by one of those big retail cleaners. When this company brought back my “cleaned” drapes, that awful smell had not been eliminated and the drapes were still a completely useless, expensive mess. I threw them into a black trash bag in my garage, convinced I had no other options and very costly damage to throw away in the next bulk pick up.
When I saw your PetPeePee truck, I had some hope that you could salvage my drapes – but, I have to admit, I was not completely convinced it would work. At best, I hoped you could mask some of that horrible urine smell.
You said, with complete confidence, that you were certain you could get the smell out.
Honestly, I wasn’t 100 percent convinced. And I was totally wrong!!! I am completely blown away by your cleaning process and results! The drapes have absolutely no urine smell – NONE. As a lifelong pet owner, and previous attempts to use commercial products and cleaners to clean up pet accidents, I am certain you have achieved the impossible:
completely eliminating pet urine odor. I will highly recommend you to ANYONE who has
a need for your company and services.

Thank you! Susan Olin, Weston, FL Arbonne International

Susan O., Website Submission

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