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Review # 178

17 hours ago 
My Karastan oriental which I had had for 20 years had been urinated on by four dogs and I never knew it until it began smelling. I sent it to Lafayette Louisiana to be cleaned, it came back smelling like formaldehyde. A year later I took it to Houston. It still had a noticeable odor. I couldn’t stand the faint smell so my husband said to pitch it! Then I looked on the internet and decided to try Martin!! He picked up my rug with no charge, cleaned it, and sent it back to us for no charge! He said to pay him only if he had gotten out the odor!! Well, he did!, Our rug looks new and has no odor!
Thank you Martin



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I have 2 large Persian rugs, one under my dining room table and one in our family room.They are over 20 years old , but still in excellent condition except for the odor. In the past few years with various family circumstances we have had up to 5 cats and 3 dogs all living and marking their turf on these rugs. We tried every cleaning product, Stanley Steamer, Green carpet professionals,the lists goes on….the only thing they removed was money from our pocketbook. We had almost given up when I found Meir Martin’s website .I immediately liked the dead sea minerals he used and is unique way of cleaning that he designed himself.
I live in TN and I was going to have to ship the rugs to FL, but It was so easy. Mr. Martin texted me what to do and there was even a video explaining how to fold the rugs. He sent me everything I needed and made all the arrangements with Fed Ex. My rugs were returned in less than 2 weeks clean and ODOR FREE !

It may seem costly at first , but think of the cost of a new rug. Mr. Martin will have your old rug smelling clean and looking like new. He kept in touch every step of the way ensuring me my rugs were in good hands.
Not only do I have clean rugs ,but I have met a man that stands behind his product and takes pride in his work. I now consider Meir a long distance friend. You will not be disappointed in PeePeeCleaning service. I sure wasn’t! Sincerely, Anne Woody

Anne Woody, Tennessee, Google Review
“From start to finish my experience with has been a good one.
Courteous service and prompt return of my silk drapery are only two of the factors which promoted me to write a review.
My dog had peed on my silk curtain and I immediately searched the web for what to do. I called Mr Martin, followed his instructions and now have my silk drapery panel back with no odor or change of color. Thank you for providing a great service!”
Wendy H., Asbury Park, NJ, Yelp Review
“I have a beautiful, modern Persian rug that I purchased at The Society of Fine Arts show in Santa Fe. My lovely little pom-chi peed in several spots. I first tried water and got nowhere; I tried several products…all claiming to clean carpet and deodorize but the stain looked worse than it had looked before I started. Finally, I went to UTUBE and searched “How to clean Persian Carpet”. I found Mr. Meir and I viewed a demonstration of his cleaning procedure and heard his warnings about mixing soil and pee which produces bacteria which leaves an even worse stain than what one had at the outset. I called Mr. Meir and he said he thought he could get my rug clean. I shipped my stained rug to him and he shipped back a new rug! I found no trace of any stain or odor and so I am a satisfied customer and want to give Mr. Meir a five star review. I shipped on Monday and got the rug back on Friday; Mr. Meir kept me informed by texting photos of the progress. I recommend this cleaning service without hesitation. Very happy in Jax Beach, Fla”
Lucy Dix, Jacksonville, FL, Google Review
“Pet pee pee saved us from throwing away a beautiful rug that we thought was beyond repair. We have 4 Yorkies that go outside, but come back in and pee again. With hard flooring in the entire house, they use wee wee pads for inside “accidents”. They believed that our large area rug was a GIANT wee wee pad, and used it as such. The smell was so bad, we tried to clean it ourselves, no luck. We sent it off to Coit, they sent it back, uncleaned, but charged us, so we sent it back to them again. They returned it smelling worse than when it left, not that we thought that was possible. The rug was sitting outside on the back patio when Martin from Pet Pee Pee first came to our home. It was so bad we could not keep it in the house and like I said, it was headed to the trash. Martin said he could fix it. I thought he was crazy, most people would have said, no hope for this one, but not Martin. Not only did he take the rug, he returned it with not ONE trace of an odor. No perfume smell to mask the pee, just no odor at all! I thought he must have gone to buy me a new rug just like my old one, it was unbelievable. But year after year, he has come to collect my giant wee wee pad and returned it ODOR FREE each time! Last time he also collected my mothers very expensive oriental style rug and that one also returned in perfect condition. My mother suffers from Alzheimer’s and Martin was so kind and patient with her! If you are ready to throw away your rug, DON’T, let Pet Pee Pee rescue it!!!”
Michelle Stern, Cooper City, FL, Website Submission
“More than 25 years ago, my dear grandparents gifted me their beautiful Oriental rug that I had always admired as a young girl growing up. I was so blessed to receive this gift from them after their passing. Fast forward 10 years to a Bijon and a mix Maltese and Yorkie which I learned later that they are the three hardest dogs to house train. I had thrown out all the other rugs in my house and was ready to throw out the prized rug from my Grandparents when I saw a Pet Pee Pee advertisement on the back of a bus. I wrote down the number and called and have had a wonderful relationship with Pet Pee Pee ever since. I have even added additional rugs to my house that are also serviced by Pet Pee Pee. I could not give up my peeing dogs but I am also so grateful to not have to give up my rugs. I am so grateful to have found Pet Pee Pee and totally testify to the wonderful job they do cleaning your rugs. I would be rug free without them. One last story….I also have 2 cats that are brothers… went missing for 3 months and when he was found and came home, the other brother was not happy to have him home. He went to my new leather couch and proceeded to do his business…..I called Martin to the rescue….he took the couch and took it apart and cleaned it and brought it back…I told him that I could still smell the peepee….he took it back and cleaned it more and it is now in my family room free of any odor!!! If anyone can get rid of the urine smell, Martin can!!! Please feel free to call me at 561-575-5754 if you need additional information. Best regards, Tricia”
Tricia Borsch, Website Submission
“I was absolutely devastated when my husband pointed out a large, hard, dark yellow stain on his grandmother’s 100-year-old oriental carpet. Upon further inspection, it was obvious that our adorable dog – who we thought was putty trained – had been using our priceless (to us) and expensive (to the rest of the world) heirloom as her personal latrine for years. This really was a surprise because we never noticed anything more than, at most, a very faint musty odor that we attributed to the age of the rug.

We searched the internet for a solution and tried using vinegar and baking soda. But the pee-pee came out endlessly and after using up several rolls of paper towels and blotting it up on my hands and knees, I gave up. Trying to clean it released the most horrible odors.

My husband remembered seeing the “Pet Pee Truck” and vowed to call them in the morning. After watching the video of how they cleaned a similar oriental rug, I started to hold out a little hope.

The next morning, we called and Meir Martin immediately reassured us completely. When he came that same morning to pick up the rug, my husband casually mentioned that it would calm me down considerably if I could watch the cleaning process. Meir (he’s our friend now) was more than happy to have us come to his workplace and watch. He was actually thrilled to show off his invention! As for me, I was overjoyed to see the streams of years-old pee-pee come flowing out of our rug. Trust me, it is definitely worth watching Meir at work!

The rug is back home now, looking better than ever, and we both could not be happier.
Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.
Happy Customers,
Evelyn and Stuart Gold”

Evelyn & Stuart Gold, Website Submission
“Dear Pet Pee Pee,I own two adorable Havanese dogs that made our custom made drapes their own. The pee pee smell was so strong we could no longer utilize our living room. The bottom of the drapes had frozen and hardened from our dog’s urine.

Calling Pet Pee Pee was the last step we could make before totally replacing the drapes. Meir Martin took our drapes down and processed them through his unique cleansing system and VOILA! – our drapes were like new with the urine smell completely removed.

Thank you Pet Pee Pee and highest recommendation is hereby given.”

J. Hoerber, Boca Raton, FL, Website Submission
“Dear Martin,
After having some major kitty urine soak some very expensive drapes in my home, I had them cleaned (the drapes – not the kitties) by one of those big retail cleaners. When this company brought back my “cleaned” drapes, that awful smell had not been eliminated and the drapes were still a completely useless, expensive mess. I threw them into a black trash bag in my garage, convinced I had no other options and very costly damage to throw away in the next bulk pick up.
When I saw your PetPeePee truck, I had some hope that you could salvage my drapes – but, I have to admit, I was not completely convinced it would work. At best, I hoped you could mask some of that horrible urine smell.
You said, with complete confidence, that you were certain you could get the smell out.
Honestly, I wasn’t 100 percent convinced. And I was totally wrong!!! I am completely blown away by your cleaning process and results! The drapes have absolutely no urine smell – NONE. As a lifelong pet owner, and previous attempts to use commercial products and cleaners to clean up pet accidents, I am certain you have achieved the impossible:
completely eliminating pet urine odor. I will highly recommend you to ANYONE who has
a need for your company and services.

Thank you!”

Susan Olin, Weston, FL, FL Arbonne International
“Dear Pet Pee Pee
I was given a rug from my mother. It is a 100-year-old rug that means everything to her and to me.
I love the rug and the history behind it. It made my house a home and I kept it perfect always… Until… I went on vacation to Europe for two weeks. Apparently my oldest child, a 16-year-old English Springer Spaniel, felt left out and decided to take out her anger on my rug. I actually scheduled my housekeeper for the day of my return so to enjoy a clean house when I arrived.
I wish that was the case… my house, the entire house, all three thousand square feet of it, smelled worse that any bad nightmare I have ever had. And it was all in my prized rug. Amazing how smell travels.

At a loss I called around. Sent the rug to a dry cleaner who came back with it saying that they could not get the smell out of the rug. I decided I would find another… said the same thing. I was up in Broward one day, very randomly, and passed a store front in a commercial district and decided to call. On the other end of the phone was a gentleman that had more passion than a priest during the second coming of Christ. I decided I would use him. Then I met him… and wow!! Passion does not begin to describe him. He loves the rugs he cleans. So much so that he videotaped the homecoming of my own. I knew when I met him that he was the one for my rug. I knew that his passion would lead to the perfect restoration (of sorts) … Remember that he is in the business of removing nasty odors…. But a restoration it was either way.

Silk Drapery Cleaning Boca Raton Florida
It is back in my home now and I could not be happier about it being here. Pet Pee Pee made that happen. Not corny… simple truth.
Take a word of advice and use the services of this very special company and its vert special owner.

Oh… he also told me that the rug I handed him was worth $15,000 plus. I almost threw it out and would have if not for the fact that my mother gave it to me and if not for him. And I already received an offer from a client that wishes to buy it…. He only offered 12,000… NOT FOR SALE. Not at that price or any other.

Use Pet Pee Pee!!!!!!!!!”

Justin A. Schaefer, CPA, Fort Lauderdale, FL, MediSolutions Group
“My cat, Ladybug, peed all over my $10k persian rug. I was desperate to get the smell out so I sent my rug to Pet Pee Pee. Super pleased with the results. No smell, super fast service. All in it cost about 650.00 which included shipping from Chicago to Florida.”
Lauren R., Chicago, IL, Yelp Review
“This was such a great experience and easy process. I contacted Meir and I had a shipping label in minutes to send out our soiled drapery for cleaning. We have custom drapes with a damask pattern and matching tassels,very unique and complicated to clean. Cat urine wasn’t coming out. Sent out on Friday received them back in about a week. No damage, just like new. Great service! I hopefully won’t need to, but it’s nice to know there’s someone out there I can’t turn to if I have this issue again! Thanks PetPeePee!”
Sangeeta M., Aliso Viejo, CA, Yelp Review