Oriental Rug Cleaning from Dog and Cat Urine Odor

How’s Oriental rug should be clean from dog urine odor

PetPeePee® company is a nationwide service for cleaning high-quality Antique and newer Oriental rugs from dog or cat urine odor.

How should Oriental carpets be cleaned from dog/cat URINE odors?

Removing the urine odor from Antique Turkish /Persian carpet colored with vegetable dye is hard in the Oriental rug cleaning service. We at PetPeePee company develop a cleaning process that guarantees in writing color will never run or bleed.

Cleaning Oriental rugs from dog and cat urine odor is not an easy task. The urine odor should be removed through the wool-silk carpet, washing the oriental carpet THROUGH the yarn/fibers.

The XpetPee machine was invented and built solitary by Meir martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company; the XpetPee machine is located in South Florida.

The Wool or Silk must be washed THROUGH to ensure urine crystals will wash out urine and by using the Dead Sea Minerals/Cleaner color will never bleed RUN.

At Oriental rug cleaning companies, we are also using a one-of-a-kind cleaning product blended with minerals from the Dead Sea, Natural and odor-free. Because the Cleaner is on Odor-Free, it will never deposit zero odor into the rug that cleans, the benefit to the customers, we never cover up the urine odor.

The Dead Sea cleaner does not contain salt.

What separated The PetPeePee company from the rest? We never use a Scrubber or carpet cleaner equipment STATEMENT.

PetPeePee a cleaning process that makes sense.

Benefits of the PetPeePee System for Removing Urine Smell and Pet Stains from Oriental Rugs

Patent-Pending Machinery
With a revolutionary vacuum floor, PetPeePee’s System is specifically designed for one service: remove dog and cat urine odor from rugs while cleaning the rug in the process.

Naturally Blended Minerals from the Dead Sea
A special blend of Dead Sea Minerals is the secret to removing dog and cat urine odor from Oriental rugs. Completely odor-free and fragrance-free (deodorizer-free), PetPeePee’s minerals kill the urine odor bacteria at the source without masking the odor with other smells or fragrances.

Nationwide Service
PetPeePee’s headquarters/facility is in Pompano Beach, FL. Shipping options and assistance is available throughout the United States. Local delivery and pick-up are available in the tri-county area of South Florida. For pricing and shipping information, text us at 954-594-2564 or call us.


a month ago
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

YOU CAN TRUST MARTIN WITH YOUR EXPENSIVE RUGS ( or any rugs you love and need to be cleaned): We just had the most unbelievable, fantastic experience regarding having pet urine removed from our expensive oriental rug by Martin at Pet PeePee that we felt the need to post an exceptional review. Our chihuahua recently peed on our light-colored large oriental rug. We didn’t notice this until the urine had been there for a few weeks. We googled online to find someone in our city, Tampa, FL, specializing in professionally cleaning urine from expensive rugs. While we weren’t able to find an orientalist rug cleaner specializing in the removal of urine here, we came across Martin in Pompano Beach, FL, at his company Pet Pee Pee who had so many fantastic reviews from people raving about his professionalism, transparency, and quality of work. I texted Martin a photo of the yellow problem areas on the rug, along with its size, and within 15 minutes, Martin sent me a price quote and instructions regarding shipping the rug to him. He was very honest and made sure not to overpromise his capability regarding our specific urine spots. He explained what he could guarantee and what he could not. We decided to give it a try, and we are so thrilled that we did! The whole process was seamless, and the coolest part is that Martin sends everyone a video of their rug being cleaned. We received our rug back yesterday, and it looks so beautiful. The colors pop like when new, and it smells and looks amazing. He did an even better job than we anticipated, and we will definitely use him again if we want one of our rugs professionally cleaned. He is by far the best rug cleaner out there, and you can trust him to work on any rugs, draperies, etc., including expensive oriental rugs! Martin’s communication throughout the process is above and beyond, and he’s a very nice man, one great to work with!

Response from the owner month ago

What a pleasure to have a customer like YOU!!!
This a beautiful silk wool rug that a little dog uses sometimes; it was a pleasure to clean and work with you.
Thank you very much for your business, and thank you very much for the amazing review; thank you, Meir Martin, for the owner of the PetPeePee.

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The provider cleaned and got rid of some really bad smelling cat urine and stains from two drapery panels. Did a great job! Very attentive! Great followup. It was clear he was focused on ensuring we were satisfied.
Member Comments: Did a great job! Very attentive! Great follow-up. It was clear he was focused on ensuring we were satisfied with the work he did. Probably the best company I have ever dealt with and I have never said that about any company. If you have a urine stain or smell problem I highly recommend this company!
Trish L., Angie's List Review - Verified
I have a beautiful, modern Persian rug that I purchased at The Society of Fine Arts show in Santa Fe. My lovely little pom-chi peed in several spots. I first tried water and got nowhere; I tried several products…all claiming to clean carpet and deodorize but the stain looked worse than it had looked before I started. Finally, I went to UTUBE and searched “How to clean Persian Carpet”. I found Mr. Meir and I viewed a demonstration of his cleaning procedure and heard his warnings about mixing soil and pee which produces bacteria which leaves an even worse stain than what one had at the outset. I called Mr. Meir and he said he thought he could get my rug clean. I shipped my stained rug to him and he shipped back a new rug! I found no trace of any stain or odor and so I am a satisfied customer and want to give Mr. Meir a five star review. I shipped on Monday and got the rug back on Friday; Mr. Meir kept me informed by texting photos of the progress. I recommend this cleaning service without hesitation. Very happy in Jax Beach, Fla
Response from the owner in the last week
I wake up in the morning and I have the notes from Google and I got a review. I went on the review and what a good surprise. Review like this make my day thank you very much it was a pleasure cleaning your rug thank you very much for the review Meir Martin the owner of PetPeePee.
Lucy D., Google Review (Listed on Google Profile)
Pet pee pee saved us from throwing away a beautiful rug that we thought was beyond repair. We have 4 Yorkies that go outside, but come back in and pee again. With hard flooring in the entire house, they use wee wee pads for inside “accidents”. They believed that our large area rug was a GIANT wee wee pad, and used it as such. The smell was so bad, we tried to clean it ourselves, no luck. We sent it off to Coit, they sent it back, uncleaned, but charged us, so we sent it back to them again. They returned it smelling worse than when it left, not that we thought that was possible. The rug was sitting outside on the back patio when Martin from Pet Pee Pee first came to our home. It was so bad we could not keep it in the house and like I said, it was headed to the trash. Martin said he could fix it. I thought he was crazy, most people would have said, no hope for this one, but not Martin. Not only did he take the rug, he returned it with not ONE trace of an odor. No perfume smell to mask the pee, just no odor at all! I thought he must have gone to buy me a new rug just like my old one, it was unbelievable. But year after year, he has come to collect my giant wee wee pad and returned it ODOR FREE each time! Last time he also collected my mothers very expensive oriental style rug and that one also returned in perfect condition. My mother suffers from Alzheimer’s and Martin was so kind and patient with her! If you are ready to throw away your rug, DON’T, let Pet Pee Pee rescue it!!! Michelle Stern
Michele S., Website Submission

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