PetPeePee’s Video Gallery

PetPeePee’s Video Gallery.

Cleaning Oriental rug area carpet and drapery from dog and cat urine odor

XpetPee machine the right way the right process to clean Oriental rug and area carpet

XpetPee machine revolutionize the way how Oriental rug area carpet cleans from dog or cat urine odor

Cleaning area carpet (jute rug) from dog urine odor by PetPeePee company using the XpetPee machine.

XpetPee machine revolutionizes the way how Oriental rug, area carpet should be clean.

No more scrubbing, roller, centrifuge machine, and toxic chemical such is: dry-cleaning, enzyme, deodorizer or strong detergent.

The XpetPee machine using the odor free organic cleaner from the dead sea.

It is hard to believe that’s an organic cleaning product can remove the urine odor permanently, to convince all my customers that’s organic cleaner can do the right job.

Nature creates the Dead Sea to kill bacteria naturally! The XpetPee machine/system using the blended minerals from the Dead Sea to clean and get rid of the urine crystal, and the reviews on Google or Angie’s list proved that PetPeePee system working to a perfection.