Why this is happening to me?

Know what kind of question to ask your carpet cleaner provider, after you discover that your dog or cat has been urinating on your favorite area rug

I found out this morning that my cats using the dining room area rug as a replacement to the litter box.

Why this is happening to me?

This carpeting is in my family for over 80 years.

I have four cats and they always used the litter box, this never happened before.

The question is how to remove the urine odor completely and permanently?

Please allow me to tell you all the seven-gate inhale, then I passed to remove the urine odor from the area rug.

I went to the pet supermarket and I purchase a cleaning product that promised me urine odor removal permanently or my money back, I trust the label and I purchased it.

A week later I went back to the store looking for another product stronger and possibly better.

A week later I’m back to the store, complaining to the manager, the cleaning product made the stain bigger and an awful smell, I left the product on the counter and left disappointed.

Without any Avenue were to go, I called the famous carpet cleaning company, with a yellow truck explaining the situation.

The following morning two guys arrived at my house and clean the carpet thoroughly, and at once they offer me to spray deodorizer that will kill the smell, I believe that and purchase it.

A week later the two guys came back again to redo the job because the smell was still there.

Now they told me: they cannot guarantee the removal of the urine odor.

I begin counting at the scenario that may be the rug will end in the dumpster.

Now I become smarter: any carpet cleaner then I called, I described the situation, “my cats urinated on the area rug, I tried all the cleaning products, even several carpet cleaners came over and clean the carpet, and they spray deodorant”.

The question is: can your service eliminate the cat urine odor, plus the chemicals (deodorize) smell that the other carpet cleaner uses?

And, I will demand the guarantee in writing, and I will pay by a credit card, so if the odor is not gone away completely, I can dispute the charge.

Now, whenever I call for service and ask these questions, I get an answer (we cannot provide the service).

The last hope, I search Google and typed “area rug urine odor removal permanently with a guarantee”.

I discover A service company by the name PetPeePee that guarantee in writing urine odor removal.

The Review post on google/petpeepee see the link


Ines Hegedus-Garcia

a month ago-

I had a sick cat that made a mess of a beautiful rug that is a family heirloom. We contacted several rug cleaning companies and none would guarantee pet odor removal. We were so happy to find Martin and his Pet Pee Pee videos on YouTube. He seemed so passionate about the cleaning process that we did not hesitate to contact him. Not only did he remove the horrible cat urine odor from the area rug, but also sold us a great rug pad to preserve the rug.

Will recommend him without hesitation – A++ service!


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