Title: PetPeePee: The Dream-Like Oriental Rug Cleaning Service with Rave Google Reviews


When it comes to preserving the beauty and magic of Oriental rugs, PetPeePee stands out as a dream-like cleaning service with raving (197 all 5 Star) Google reviews. Roy Gilbert, a Local Guide with 12 reviews, shares his delightful experience with this unique service that fills a niche and delivers results that almost seem magical.

  1. Quality and Responsiveness:

Roy Gilbert’s review highlights two crucial aspects of PetPeePee’s service – quality and responsiveness. When dealing with cherished Oriental rugs, quality cleaning is essential to maintain their allure. PetPeePee’s commitment to delivering exceptional results shines through in their customer reviews.

  1. A Unique Niche:

PetPeePee’s specialization in removing dog and cat urine odor from Oriental rugs sets them apart in the carpet cleaning industry. This specific focus enables them to address a common issue faced by pet owners with unparalleled expertise.

  1. Almost Magical Results:

Roy Gilbert’s enthusiasm about PetPeePee’s results conveys the transformative nature of their cleaning process. The use of natural Dead Sea Minerals and the innovative XpetPee Machine make it appear almost magical, leaving customers amazed at the outcomes.

  1. PetPeePee® Trademark

    The best way to clean an Oriental rug

The review emphasizes the excellent customer service provided by PetPeePee. From quick responsiveness to accommodating scope changes, their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction stands out.

  1. Global Potential: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L91-ujKWpJs

Roy Gilbert’s suggestion to open franchises worldwide speaks volumes about the potential and demand for PetPeePee’s exceptional service. Their unique approach to Oriental rug cleaning holds promise as a globally sought-after solution.


PetPeePee’s dream-like service, as experienced and raved about by Roy Gilbert, exemplifies the perfect blend of quality, responsiveness, and magical results. With a unique niche focus and an innovative approach, PetPeePee has garnered a reputation as the best Oriental rug cleaning service, supported by numerous positive Google reviews. For pet owners seeking to preserve the beauty and magic of their cherished Oriental rugs, PetPeePee is undoubtedly the ultimate dream come true.

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