PetPeePee company only in U.S.A

PetPeePee Company Only in the U.S.A

PetPeePee company only in U.S.A, PetPeePee company provide one type of service pet pee pee removal from Oriental rug and draperies therefore, the name of the company is PetPeePee. And it’s only in United States America, born in Florida

Established in 1991 and the XpetPee machine invented in 2002.

What makes PetPeePee company unique.

Coming from a carpet cleaning industry, Meir Martin the owner of PetPeePee decides to take a different approach, developing a new machine that’s cleans Oriental rug without using the carpet cleaner equipment’s.

The Dead Sea minerals invented, due to all the toxic and unpleasant smell in the enzyme, and the anther cleaning product that the carpet cleaner using to clean Oriental rug, area carpet, and draperies.

The XpetPee machine: a simple principle that’s makes sense, the Oriental rug that’s saturated with a dog or cat urine odor must be washed through the fiber all away from the top to the back of the rug.

The system generates suction under the carpet and the cleaner then is on the top must vacuum through the fiber, and this how the fiber get washed.

In the other hand, all the enzymes that it’s available in the market contain soap, and unpleasant smell that’s will stick in the fiber, (wool or silk) rug.

The Dead Sea Minerals

The blended Dead Sea minerals invented to clean and remove the urine crystal that it’s been the main problem, urine odor.

The Dead Sea minerals are not designed to remove heavy soil or grease, however, most of our customers send us rugs, that they are clean, however, it’s smells bad, and this is the benefit of the odor free Dead Sea minerals.

The combination of the “XpetPee machine’, and the Dead Sea minerals, are the key element to clean your rug and to eliminate the urine odor completely.

And more because the Dead Sea minerals leave a tiny residue of the Dead Sea minerals in the fiber, bacteria, ash, fleas or ticks cannot leave and produce life inside the fiber (to some degree).

The name PetPeePee is a trademark.

The beauty of the name PetPeePee it’s perfectly described the business that we provide, we clean and remove pet pee pee from: Oriental rug, antique carpet, furniture, draperies and 99% of our service is related to urine odor removal, and we do it to a perfection.

Pet Pee Pee company invented and build in the United States, Florida.

Serious business for a serious problem Pet PeePee service.

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