Oriental rug care

Oriental rug care or how to care for your Oriental rug, especially if you have a dog or cat in-home.

Today, most of us have a hardwood floor on the first floor and a beautiful Oriental rug or area carpet under the dining room, family room, or living room.

PetPeePee advertising billboard on the turnpike PetPeePee statement 100% guarantee urine odor removal permanently.

This absorbing area that we call area carpet will become (in some cases).

How we should clean our favorite heirloom Oriental rug After we discover that our pets are using it.

Who should provide us the right service?

Most of the customers that call PetPeePee company to have several questions

  1. What is the cost to clean an 8 x 10 rug?
  2. How fast can I get the rug back?
  3. Where are you located?

PetPeePee answer

Before asking all these questions, please ask yourself, do I need the rug to be clean from dirt and soil or remove the urine odor?

Most of the customers that call PetPeePee need urine odor removal.

The first question customer should ask:

  1. Do you guarantee in writing urine odor removal permanently?
  2. Can you clean and remove the urine odor without using enzyme or deodorize (enzyme and deodorize will mask the urine odor for a short period of time)
  3. And if the carpet cleaner will answer that he guarantees in writing urine odor removal, you can ask for the price.

Not all carpet cleaners can remove the urine odor from the silk Oriental rug and provide you with a guarantee of 100% urine odor removal.

For more information, please contact us PetPeePee Nationwide service.

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