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Leaving room decorated with a high-quality area rug

Buying Oriental rug/Area rug/Persian carpet, what’s the difference.

Buying Oriental rug/Persian carpet

What’s the difference between Oriental rug/Persian carpet to ordinary area rug? Allow me to explain.

Oriental carpet Persian carpet Turkish carpet Afghan carpet is well known around the globe for its quality and durability.

All the Persian carpet Afghan carpet Turkish carpet combined to one name well known in the middle east as Oriental rug or Persian carpet Turkish carpet Afghan carpet we in this blog we were going to name it as Oriental rug.

Quality versus longevity

Antique Oriental rug on wood floor

Cleaning an antique Oriental rug on the wood floor will cause damage to the wood floor.

Oriental rug designed to lasts for generations to come.

The longer it takes to complete the Oriental rug longer it will stand our way of life, the quality of the wool cotton, and how the Oriental rug constructs it will stand generations of traffic area and the environment.

Originally Oriental rug constructed with 100 to 300 nuts per square inch would last more than Oriental rug constructed less and 80 nuts per square inch.

Different types of Oriental rug available in the market, from a kilim carpet to 400 nuts per square inch off pure Silk.

Kilim rug constructs on one layer on the loom.

Turkish salesman that’s sales Oriental rug said If the family have enough money they will construct 9 x 12 Oriental rug, if they need money desperately there will construct a kilim rug.

What is an Area rug

Organic cleaning service provide by PetPeePee company 100% urine odor removal permanently

white Wool rug cleaning dog urine stains & odor

All the carpets that laid on the floor that’s are not tacked to the floor consider as an area rug; for example, a remnant of wall-to-wall carpet that’s edges bounded consider as an area rug, wool carpet that’s constructed with glue and canvas ( LATEX) consider as an area rug, Synthetic carpet (Olefin) that’s made from the recycled bottle will consider as stains resistant area rug, sisal, plash rug, will consider as an area rug.

Most of the area rug we can purchase them in Costco Walmart home depot and much more hardware and supermarket store, they are inexpensive, looking beautiful “when it’s new.”
Several days ago, I visited my favorite store Costco. I saw a beautiful area rug size 8 x 10 for less than $100, made of synthetic material, and it will last for a short time.
On the other hand, A customer-shaped me-on-area rug made of wool silk and cotton construct end bailed to a perfection a price over $12,000 on artwork considered an area rug; this rug design a bailed in Nepal.

Many modern Oriental rug area rugs are coming today 2020 from China, India Nepal, and they stopped capturing the market in the USA.

The most famous area rug is the latex Wool carpet.
Constructed in India contain harsh chemicals, the latex that glues the Wool to the rug’s foundation, and the back of the rug is made off-canvas.
This latex rug will last for 10 to 20 years; the latex will dry, and the particle of the glue will release into the air it will become a hazard to our health.

Latex rug consider a low-quality area rug!

Should I purchase an Oriental rug or an Area rug?

design rug clean from urine odor

design rug clean

Should I buy my daughter a Toyota or Mercedes? Depending on your budget and lifestyle, if you like the top quality, you should buy a Mercedes or Persian rug; if you like beauty to cover the floor, you should buy an area rug.

If you had dogs or cats notorious for urinating on Oriental rug area rug, you should consider a Karastan machine made in the USA, with its traditional maroon red color. Does area rug are a copy of Persian rug durable stain-resistant however nothing is resisted to the urine odor, the Karastan area rug will be clean by PetPeePee warehouse to a perfection

Buying an Oriental rug, it’s an investment for life or generations to come.

The Oriental rug that constructs the right way will last for generations to come. As a professional oriental rug cleaner, I cleaned many Oriental rugs over 100 years old, considering antique carpets.

wool persian carpet

urine odor removal from wool carpet

Buying an area rug will last for a short period of time, because an area rug constructed in a different way how Oriental rug bailed it is not considered as art, for example, I 120 years old Persian rug in good condition can reach the $120.000.

Oriental rug cleaning and maintenance.

Every Oriental rug should be clean professionally the right way every 10 to 15 years if are no Pets in the home.

Guard dog (big dog)will be laid on the Oriental rug and Lick himself on the rug, and the saliva will lead to a brown stain on the rug, the oil from the Skeen will stick to the yarn, and the Oriental rug will start smelling like a wet dog.

A little dog such as Chihuahua, Yorky, Multis, Shitsue will use the dining room Oriental rug as a backyard; when the customer realizes that his dog urinating on the Oriental rug, should contact PetPeePee company for advice and the right way to take care and correct/minimize the damage.
Cleaning Oriental rug requires skill and a special way to remove the urine odor from on Oriental rug.
Before sending your Oriental rug to be clean professionally, customers should investigate the right cleaning process and how they clean the Oriental carpet from the urine odor.

The PetPeePee Oriental rug cleaning Service

To hold the value of your Oriental rug, the PetPeePee company invented the XpetPee machine and the natural odor-free cleaning product from the Dead Sea.
The Dead Sea cleaner will never deposit any residue off enzyme soap detergent into the Oriental rug fiber.
The XpetPee machine will protect the color and the yarn during the cleaning process.
The PetPeePee statement guarantee, the color would never run, never fuzziness, and guarantee urine odor removal completely.



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