Ask PetPeePee company: How to Remove Yellow Stains from an Oriental rug?

Ask PetPeePee company: How to Remove Yellow Stains from an Oriental rug?


Mrs. Simon from Georgia asks: The Oriental rug in the dining room had two yellow stains caused by two Yorkies. I tried to clean the yellow stains by using Enzymatic cleaning products from the pet store; The yellow-brown stains turn bigger and darker, is there any way to remove the yellow stains for good?.

A customer asks Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company answer.

Yellow stain caused by using the wrong cleaning products on pet pee-pee stain.

Oriental carpets that colored using vegetable dye and constructed with Natural yarn, Such as wool silk and cotton, have the intensity to turn yellow after the dog urinated on the rug. The yellow stains will become bigger and darker when customers used enzyme cleaning products on the stains.

Why the stain become bigger? The urine is a protein that attracts bacteria naturally. The cleaning product that we purchase in a pet store contains detergent soap some cleaning products that contain a high pH balance (alkaline).

The high pH balance will evaporate from the wool cotton, and residue of detergent/soap will remain in the fiber.

The combination of the yellow pee-pee and the soap will Marge together and become a peepee-soap that will lead to a bigger yellow spot. The more you clean the stain bigger and darker it would be.

Can the PetPeePee service remove the yellow stains?
No again, no!

Yellow causes by removing the natural dye from the fiber; in other words, the pee-pee plus the cleaning products used react almost as bleach.
Every lady knows bleach stains; it’s permanent stains.

When a yellow stain can remove

The dog pee-pee right now: customer call for instruction or watch the video on YouTube “How to removes yellow stain from Oriental rug now.”

Can Yellow Stains come off completely?

It depends on many factors:

  1. The dog or the cat on medication, the stains will contain Medication/Dye that will become a permanent stain, Most likely on wool, depending on the rug yarn.
  2. Vomit or diarrhea will deposit a yellow-brown stain in the wool/ silk rug in most cases; if the accident clean immediately, It’s a good chance the stains will come off completely; time is crucial when dealing with vomit and diarrhea, in most cases, this stain will become permanent and less the rug made with a synthetic material.
  3. Blood: in most cases, a permanent stain. If blood got clean immediately using freezing water and the shop vac, blood would come off completely. Blood in the urine or a number two will cause a permanent stain (brownish reddish).
  4. Big dog saliva: A big dog will be laid on an Oriental rug because it’s comfortable leaking himself, leading to a brownish stain due to saliva on the Wool rug.
    To avoid any discoloration in the rug, suggest spraying the Oriental rug every couple of weeks with straight vinegar; this will prevent any bacteria from growing on this saliva.
  5. Oriental rug smell like a wet dog: having a big dog from Basset Hound to Mastiff NeapolitanAfter couple of years homeowner will discover the Oriental rug smell like a wet dog; this unpleasant smell cannot wash all clean with ordinary cleaning process at home. Even a professional oriental rug cleaner near you will have difficulty removing the wet dog smell from your Oriental rug. This is a challenging cleaning process that requires washing the Oriental rug through the fiber to remove the oil that penetrates deep inside the rug’s foundation. The PetPeePee company develops a unique cleaning process with natural cleaning products such as vinegar and the blended minerals from the Dead Sea that will break down the oil from the rug fibers.
    The PetPeePee guarantees in writing no trace of any odor upon delivery.

Pet owners facing pet accidents on Oriental rug are welcome to contact the PetPeePee company during the business our for advice and instruction on how to clean the Oriental rug the right way. Thank you for watching the PetPeePee company nationwide service.

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