Removing the Urine Odor from a Wool Rug

Removing Dog Pee-Pee Stains.

Remove pet stains from a wool carpet/rug using a white vinegar “Heinz” recommended.  Vinegar help neutralizes dog urine odor—Mix 1/2 cup white vinegar with 1 cup cold freezing water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the dog’s urine stains and bloated with white towels; NEVER SCRUBING!!! REPEAT THE PROCESS. Please watch the video before cleaning.

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This blog is for Pet owners worldwide, By The PetPeePee company.

Publish by Mr. Meir Martin, the owner and the inventor of the PetPeePee 06.11.2021

The time comes, and your Wool rug start smelling from Urine odor. You already trayed in the pest to clean every pet Accident by using Enzymatic cleaner, and now is the time to remove the smells from the urine and the cleaning products (Enzyme) in the wool Carpets.

Searching on Google: How to clean a wool rug?

And who is the right one to choose?.

If your Wool rug/carpet is the masterpiece on the floor and is the core of the room, you should consider a reputable cleaner that will remove the urine odor and clean the wool rug without using the scrubber or carpet cleaner machines on the wool rug.

Who can clean the Wool rug, remove the bad Odor, clean it the right way, and provide a 100% Guarantee in writing?

I Carriage you to search YouTube for the right cleaner and then compare their service to The PetPeepee company.

Thank you, Meir martin.

The PetPeePee company nationwide service builds a system design to remove bad odor, especially urine odor (pet accidents).

What makes The PetPeePee cleaning process different from the rest?

The XpetPee machine design to removes the bad odor using natural cleaning products and the XpetPee machines. Never Enzyme, Deodorizer or a carpet cleaner equipment such as Scrubber or a dustbuster.

The XpetPee Machine

Removing the bad odor by washing the wool rug THROUGH the fiber. The extraction from under the wool rug will pull all the Dead Sea Cleaner THROUGH the fiber/yarn.

The XpetPee machine eliminates the need to use the Scrubber and the carpet cleaning equipment on the wool/rug.

The Scrubber machine that design to clean a restaurant floor or the floormate afront of Home depot this aggressive machine will brack down the YARN, and the wool fiber will lose its beauty.

Watching on YouTube “Oriental rug cleaning service” will display how Professional oriental rug cleaners cleaned Oriental wool rug using A scrubber and a soapy cleaner. If you love your Wool rug, avoid this service!!!

The Dead Sea Cleaner

The Cleaner that Meir Martin invented is a Natural Odor-free Blended minerals from the Dead Sea that Mother Nature designed to crack down on the Bacteria that grow up on Protein (urine crystals). The Dead Sea cleaner is on the acidic side. Acidic is the key ingredient to stabilize the color in the Oriental rug and the yarn industry.

In the last cycle of washing the wool carpet, a small percentage of the Dead Sea Minerals will remain in the foundation of the Area rug.

The natural odor-free residue from the Dead Sea Cleaner will become a barrier in the wool rug base to prevent any urine crystals from becoming active again.

How PetPeePee company clean on a Wool rug from bad odor?

On the XpetPee machine (the Vacuum Floor), the wool rug laid flat.

Preventing any color run or yarn broken, no machine alow on the wet rug.

The Dead Sea Cleaner flood the rug on the top, the extraction from under the rug vacuum all the cleaner THROUGH the fibers.

Removing the urine odor process will easily clean the wool rug from dust and debris; all the urine crystal (Yellow) and dust will wash out. On the way to the sewage, the TUBE will show the progress in the cleaning process to determine how the cleaning process progresses.


PetPeePee A Cleaning process that makes sense.


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