How to Remove Urine Odor/Stains from Silk Drapery?

Publish 06.19.2021 By Mr. Meir Martin, the Owners of the PetPeePee company, Nationwide service.

Cleaning a Custom-made Silk Drapery from urine odor

Shipping drapery to be clean

Cleaning a Custom-made Silk Drapery from urine odor/Stain yourself will lead to Brown stains that can permanently stain.

Don,t use Enzymatic cleaning products on the drapery!

Drapery will collect dust; wet dust is a natural food for bacteria.

Bacteria will cause brown stains when it active. The urine stains plus the Enzymatic cleaning product will leave a residue in the drapery (soap) that will become food for the bacteria that it will show a line of brown-yellow stains.

Who can clean the Drapery from the Pee-Pee Stains/Odor.?

Ask your Dry cleaner near you: can you remove the urine odor and the stains from my Silk Drapery.? in most cases, the answer will be NO.

Most of the Dry-cleaner can clean the Silk Drapery from dust, but the stains and the Odor need a Different cleaning process for Pet-Pee-Pee.

The PetPeePee company Nationwide service.

When removing the Urine odor and Stains* from a Custome made Drapery, the PetPeePee company develops unique cleaning products and processes to eliminate the urine odor by using the Odor-free natural cleaner from the Dead Sea.

Stains* in Silk Drapery is challenging; depending on many factors, the results may vary.

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