Guarantee Drapery Cleaning Service

Cleaning a Custom-made Silk Drapery from urine odor

Shipping Custom-made Silk Drapery to be clean from significant dog urine odor & stains, To The PetPeePee Company from Hongkong to Florida.

Publish By: Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee® company nationwide service.

Cleaning Drapery/Curtains from a dog or a cat is the PetPeePee business. The PetPeePee® company invented a cleaning process that Guarantees in writing total urine odor removal without covering the silk/Laning/velvet fiber with Deodorizer.

Upon delivery, smell the Drapery Guarantee no trach of chemicals or deodorizer.

The PetPeePee company develops a unique cleaning process that uses natural ODOR FREE Dead Sea Minerals that naturally break down urine crystals.

Customers from around the world contact the PetPeePee company. A customer asks: I have only one panel of silk drapery 30Feet toll and 12 feet long the Drapery panel is part of 6 draperies; when you clean it, will it lose color or shrink?

The PetPeePee answer: in rare cases, drapery may drink by a maximum of 1/2 Inch, the color will remain LOOK, and will be obliterated the urine odor permanently. The PetPeePee cleaning process can’t guarantee the removal of stains; however, from our experience, it can lift most of the colors from the Drapery fiber.

Reviews that post on Google.

Nine months ago
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Oh, my heavens Martin and PetPeePee are miracle workers!

We own Burmese cats that are very social, and I love my husband. Recently we were sheltering in place out of town but left our cats behind to be cared for by family. Bad idea. One got super mad and began to urinate on my custom silk drapes. (Before and after below)

I googled how to remove cat pee from curtains, and Martin and PetPeePee came up. I watched his videos and was curious but still not sure. So I had the local cleaner come out to look at them, and they wouldn’t touch them. They explained that their process would use boiling water at high velocity, essentially shred my curtains.

As a last hope, I emailed Martin, and I”m so grateful I did. He got back to me immediately and assured me his process would save the day. His price was insanely reasonable when you consider replacement would have been thousands of dollars. I followed his instructions to send the drapes and not kidding. WITHIN 1 DAY, they were on their way back to me.

I’m blown away. Not a stain to still be seen and no lingering smell to be detected.

I’m telling all my friends and me”m saying to you. Just use them you will not be disappointed.

Response from the owner nine months ago

I love my customer! I’m so pleased with the service with a review, and even if I have a company interested in buying my system, the whole PetPeePee my wife convinced me not to sell.

Thank you very much, Mrs. Allison, for the review of Meir Martin, the PetPeePee company owner. I appreciate your business.

The PetPeePee company A Cleaning process that makes sense, and it shows.



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