Why does the color bleed when cleaning Antique rugs? Question & Answers

Publish 07.20.2021 by Mr. Meir Martin is the owner of the PetPeePee company/Service, a Global service for removing and cleaning Fine Persian/Turkish carpet from urine odor.


The customer asks: Mr.Meir Martin to answer.

Color run Wool Oriental rug

Color run Wool Oriental rug

Q: Why does the color bleed/run when cleaning a


A: using the wrong cleaning products (Enzyme) on a Natural color Oriental carpet will release the natural dye from the yarn.

Q: The Pet-store salesman recommended the Enzyme products to remove the urine stains. the guarantee printed on the bottle says, ” Guarantee to remove the tough stains or your money back.” Now the stains are still in the rug, and the color bleed.

A: The cleaning product you purchase in the pet-store is on Enzyme; the enzyme is another word for Detargent (high PH) ( by shacking the bottles, the foam will show the content of the cleaner) using the soap on natural dye plus scrubbing hard/gently will release the natural dye (Vegetable dye) RED, Navy Blue, Black to the light color.

Q: can color bleed can be fixed?

Silk rug color run

cleaning a silk rug in the home will cause the color to bleed, & the urine odor will remain in the Antique silk Rug

A: To my knowledge, NO.

Q: I received the Afgany antique (Antique rug consider over 100 years old or more) Wool/Silk carpet from the Rug cleaning company; it seems the buffing machine clean it; The color is not sharp like it used to be before the cleaning, can this problem be addressed.?

A: Watching the videos on YouTube of how Oriental rugs/carpets have been cleaned in the Oriental carpet warehouse will reveal that every rug cleaner cleans the Antique wool carpet no different from a restaurant floor. Buffing/Scarbbing the Antique carpet will lead to Fussiness and color run.

Q: is a Scrubber cleans the Antique carpet/rug and remove the urine odor?.

A: An a Hig quality Antique carpet consider a TREASURE carpet; in most cases, the carpet is clean from the traffic area, but it smells of urine odor; by Scrubbing the carpet, the urine crystals that layer in the foundation of the rug (Cotton) will remain on touch by the Scrubber.

Q: Watching the videos on YouTube on how Dustbuster removes the dust from the Indian carpet, can the dustbuster cause damage to my Antique carpet?.

A: Dustbuster Originally designed to remove the soil from the floormate front of Home Depot. Floormate made by Ruber from recycled Tire. The beading/High air pressures on the front/back of the Antique rug will crack the cotton (rug Foundation). It will cut the life of the Antique carpet Guarantee. Placing your hand on the Dustbuster spinning rotary will show how aggressive the Dustbuster is.

Q: Submersion of the Antique carpet in a bath using an Enzyme Full Submersion it Will this process gat read the urine odor

A: Having your Airloom carpet lying in a bath for several hours will lead to a color bleed and absorbing all the soap odor deep into the cotton wool fibers, and it’s not GUARANtee urine odor removal, By asking the Rug cleaner ” Do you Guarantee in writing Odor-free removal completely upon delivery, No Deodorizer or chemical smells” The carpet cleaner answer will reveal the results of the cleaning.

Q: Do you recommend cleaning the antique rug in a home using a carpet cleaner shampoo and renting from a Home Depot carpet cleaner machine?.

A: Many customers ask me for a device ” How to clean the rug in home save money and remove the urine odor.” Would you mind watching the video? It will change

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