Urine odor removal from antique Oriental rug

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By MR. Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company servicing the USA and the world for removing the urine odor using Chemical-Free Cleaner and delivering 100% guarantees in writing urine odor removal permanently.

What will it tack to clean and remove the urine odor from Antique Persian carpet completely.?

The only cleaning process that design from the ground up to remove the urine odor/crystals is the PetPeePee® company, building the Xpetpee machine that extracts the cleaner from the top of the rug THROUGH the yarn wash all the urine crystals that trap in the foundation of the rug.

Silk rug color run

Cleaning a silk rug in the home can lead to a color bleed.

The Cleaner the load, the Antique Persian rug on the top, is Natural Odor-free cleaner that design by mather nature to break down the bacteria.

Color run Wool Oriental rug

Color run On Antique Wool Oriental rug.

The Dead Sea cleaners Odor -Free meant it would not deposit any odor into the rug’s fiber.

The technology PetPeePee uses to eliminate the need to use the carpet cleaner equipment such as Scrubber and dustbuster that original design to clean the floor mat in front of home depot or a restaurant floor.

Antique Turkish carpet passing the age of 100 years makes it antique and fragile; any attempt to clean the heirloom rug using the carpet cleaning equipment will cause a tear in the foundation of the rug and Color BLEED.

Cleaning and removing a Urine odor and especially a CAT urine odor from an Antique Carpet that is colored by a vegetable dye is a challenge; washing the heirloom rug in a submerging bath will release the color from the yarn, and the color will run even grater when using a high PH shampoo (Enzyme) for this reason many smart companies avoiding cleaning oriental rug that colored with a vegetable dye.

So How does PetPeePee® company can obliterate the Cat urine odor and guarantees color will never run? The Technology that vacuum the cleaner THROUGH the antique rug and the Dead Sea Cleaner is LOW PH.

This technology will ensure that the color never bleeds and the urine crystals will remove completely, and the rug will shine soft free from SOAP residue.

PetPeePee A cleaning process that makes sense, and it shows.

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