Removing the Dog Cat Urine Odor from Fine Rug Chemical-free

PetPeePee Company Worldwide Service The United Kingdom

Custom-made Draperies, Urine Odor Removal.

Publish July.16.2021 By Mr. Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee® company Servicing the United Kingdom and the Globa.

Drapery/Curtains, Removing the Cat, Dog urine odor.

Can’t find a professional service locally to remove the urine odor from Custom-made Silk Draperies. Please read the reviews posted on PetPeePee Google Reviews, and watch the video before and after. 

Mr. Meir Martin, The world has become smaller, with DHL or UPS, the PetPeePee® company worldwide service for removing the urine odor from Antique/new Carpet or a Custom-made Drapery. Now it is easy to ship. Let’s Do Business.

Custom-made silk draperies before and after

Custom-made silk drapery shipped to PetPeePee company to be clean from urine odor and stains.

The PetPeePee company delivers results saves to the homeowner thousands of $DOLOR. Replacing the curtains set when only one drapery has a urine odor.

Customers from around the globe ask. How to clean/remove the cat urine odor from one panel of silk drapery.? PetPeePee answer: We invented a secret cleaning process using the Dead Sea minerals to wash the fine Drapery from the urine odor, Never shrinking, Color fade or bleed, and urine odor removal permanently, we can’t guarantee the removal of the stains. PetPeePee company guarantee in writing urine odor removal entirely and forever, Without mask the urine odor with an artificial smell.

Customers ask: Cleaning one panel raises a concern: 1. Color bleed 2. Color fades. 3. Shrink. 4. Urine odor. 5. Chemical smell. 6. Stains remove.

The PetPeePee Owner, Mr. Meir Martin, answer:

  1. Color bleed: using the Dead Sea Minerals as the primary cleaner that is acidic. The acidic cleaner will protect the color rejuvenates the fiber shine. Our Guarantee color will never run.
  2. Color fades: washing the Drapery using an alkaline such as Enzyme (Enzyme blend with Detargent) will lead to color fade. Prevent color fade, and the fiber must be wash using low PH. The PetPeePee company invented a cleaning process that design for washing clean the High-quality fiber/Linin.Silk/Velvet.
  3. Shrink: Depending on the fiber. Using a cold, freezing cleaner will minimize the shrinking. Since 1992 we have had no issue of shrinking Curtains/Draperies.
  4. Urine odor: Removing the urine odor: The PetPeePee service is Oriental rug and Draperies/ We guarantee in writing Total urine odor without covering the smell of the Pee-Pee with Deodorize.
  5. Chemical smell: The Dead Sea cleaner is Odor-Free, and it is eatable ( it is beater like the Dead Sea).
  6. Stains remove: PetPeePee Dos-NOT Guarantee the removal of Stains. in most cases, we successfully remove stains; for Example, the Customer cleans a year ago the urine stain by using pet enzymes the brown colors that resurface later. Brown stains will become permanent stains.

KNOW before shipping your Curtains/Draperies from the United Kingdom to the PetPeePee warehouse in Florida, USA.

PetPeePee company clean custom-made Drapery ONLY.

Submit the inquiry on PetPeePee shipping. Attached are the pictures of the window with the Drapery and the stains. After evaluation, we will Email you back all the details, including the video on how to fold and package the Draperies. We will Email you the Label, and DHL will Pick up the box from your front door.

The shipping time is very by the destination and the box size.

Payment: after we clean your drapery, we will upload a video on YouTube and share the link with you, and then we will send you an Invoice through Quickbook.


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