Why do Fine Oriental rugs bleed?

Silk rug color run

Cleaning a silk rug in the home using an Enzyme (soap) and scrubbing the fiber will lead to color bleed.

Dye bleed or color run, especially during pet-pee-pee cleaning, is a common problem for pet owner’s/rug owners.

To make the Oriental carpet bright and foul of color, Red/navy blue, Black, emerald green dye will be over dye to enrich the color whar the rug originates made.

So why does the color bleed?

Cleaning the Pet Accidents using the wrong cleaning products.

Wool/Silk Oriental rugs with natural cotton backing and Colored by Vegtebele dye must be addressed immediately.

Using wall-to-wall cleaning equipment or homemade solutions (device from the internet), handling the spot cleaning will make the color bleed.

The Picture on the left: Mrs. P from California clean the $7000 silk Indian rug from dog urine. The salesman in the pet store recommended the ” Nature miracle” cleaning product and the result in afront of you.


Excess Dye & First time cleaning

We can blame the dog, but the cleaning process that we used cause the color to run. Why.?

Washing in the first time red SOX with a white T-shirt, in most cases, the T shorts will be pink. Every new fiber has excess dye from drapery fiber to Oriental rug; for this reason, asking the PetPeePee Hotline is the best call you ever made; we will guide you the right way to clean the pet accident from your Oriental rug.


Advice that’s worth nothing and causes damage!

$7000 Silk Oriental rug

Cleaning $7000 Silk Oriental rug from dog urine odor. Cleaning the right color will never run. PetPeePee hotline 954.594.2564

Searching on the internet how to remove dog stain from an oriental rug? 

A great question; most likely, you will receive a not Related answer.

If you have a silk rug or an area rug, most pet owners will consider a carpet or an Area rug.

However, the rug you purchased for $7000 is a vegetable dye antique rug; using Alklin cleaner (Enzyme is on Alklain) will lead to a color run.

About The PetPeePee Company.

Since 1992 I’m cleaning oriental rug drapery and furniture from dog and cat urine odor; this is the only service that I provide Nationwide end globally.

 For 30 years, I gained and heard all kinds of remedy end cleaning processes the customer told me about.

 Most of the common then I received I used a device from Google, or I listen to my carpet cleaner I’m using for years. And now the Oriental Wok in my warehouse with the Color Run end nasty smell of chemicals deodorizer end sticky from all the enzyme the customer used.

PetPeePee advice

 every oriental rug needs a different cleaning process; for this reason, we establish a hotline that will guide you step by step on how to clean the best in our knowledge the fat stains from your high-quality Oriental rug.

Hotline 954-594-2564

  Texting the pictures of the rug top, a bottom end the stains, describe what happened. We will contact you back shortly.

Don't EVER clean Oriental rug at HOME

DON’T EVER clean Oriental rug at home!!!! Washing the Persian rug and hang on the roof leads to a color run. after 3 days of hard-working, the $12000 will go to the DUMPSTER

The petPeePee statement:  we hate telemarketing, so we will never contact you unless you contact us. Thank you.

See how PetPeePee clean On Oriental rug color with a Vegetable dye. PetPeePee Guarantees Color will never run.






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