Silk carpet smells terrible! Who to blame, the Big or the small dog?

Publish by Mr. Meir Martin, the Owner of the PetPeePe® company.


Silk rug smells bad suddenly. Why?

Suddenly your Silk oriental rug/Carpet smell bad; who is it to blame your small dog (you saw him had an accident several times on the rug) or the big dog Or something else...

 The reality is different.

The summer raises the humidity that brings the bacteria to become active again; the Oil from the Big dog skin, the saliva, and some pee-pee accidents by the small dog will give the Bacteria enough food to live in your house free rent for a long time and release the bad odor that drives every-one crazy…

 A Pet owner heaving a big dog and a small dog will realize the rug/carpet smell after 5 to 7 years. The big dog is

Big and small dog

Who is to blame, The Big or the Small? Silk Oriental rug cleaning by the PetPeePee Company  Nationwide & Global service.

To blame, maybe a little dog ed extra pee-pee odor to the carpet; however, this time is the big dog.

Big dog Never pee-pees in the house.

 Big dogs, especially Portuguese Water Dog, Labrador, pitbull, Mastiff Neapolitan, And many other big dogs, laid on the rug/wool/Silk, is comfortable then sleep on the hard floor, licking, eating, this will cause the dog to release the oil from his skin plus the saliva on the Silk rug carpet, that will lead to a bad odor.


Shampooing the rug using carpet cleaner equipment such as Hoover or an ordinary carpet cleaning service that steams the carpet in the home, using hot water shampoo will ignite the bacteria to become more active.

Wrong cleaning service

 Cleaning the oriental rug by unprofessional will lead to Color Run, especially when it is a silk vegetable dye. Don’t ever clean On Oriental rug in the home!!!

The PetPeePee Company DESIGN to remove urine odor Naturally.

 The PetPeePee company develops a Natural odor-free cleaning product from the Dead Sea designed to kill the bacteria that grow on the rug/carpet Naturally. The XpetPee machine and the Dead Sea cleaner with the skills that Mr.Martin gains from 1991 give PetPeePee company the age in the Carpet cleaning industry, Bad odor removal Guarantee.

Whether it is urine, diarrhea, vomiting, or the oil from the dog’s skin, the PetPeePee company guarantees in writing total odor removal never color on and never covering up by using deodorizer or enzyme.

 The PetPeePee company a cleaning process that makes sense; end it shows: visit pet pee-pee Google review.

Before receiving the Invoice, every customer can see the video on YouTube, How the Rug gat cleaned.

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