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Publish 07.22.2021 By Mr.Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company Global and Nationwide service.


20 years ago, Oriental rugs were cleaned from dirt and soil in the home using a steam carpet cleaner; today, 60% of households in America had/have pets at home; it means; Oriental rugs, Persian/Turkish/Area rugs, will need the Pet-Pee-Pee odor removal service, that is a completely different cleaning process from on ordinary wall to wall carpet.

King Charls

dog pee on the Oriental rug

To maintain a clean house from pet accidents, homeowners replace the wall-to-wall carpet with a hard floor that is easy to maintenance.

However, the hard floor becomes dull and cold; an area rug or Oriental rug will cheer the Dining room and deliver a warm feeling. However, the Persian/Area carpet will become the new place for our pets to lay down or do the Pee-Pee.

In other words: The Oriental carpet will become a new giant absorbing pad for the pets.

How will the homeowner take care of the next Pet accident?

My name is Meir Martin. I’m the owner of the PetPeePee® company. 

From 1992  I used to provide regular carpet cleaning service; by the years, I recognized that my customers demand urine odor removal from Oriental rug, wool/Silk, Area carpet than ordinary wall-to-wall carpet cleaning Service.

PetPeePee review on Google

PetPeePee company providing Oriental rug & Drapery urine odor removal

2002 I build the XpetPee Machine and put together the Natural Dead Sea Cleaner That I Know from my childhood.

My invention is simple Clean/wash the Oriental rug THROUGH the fiber/yarn by using the Natural Dead Sea cleaner.

The combination of the XpetPee machine, the Dead Sea cleaner, the name PetPeePee, and my skills in Urine odor removal place the PetPeePee company as an essential service for pets owner seeking a natural cleaner and the Guarantees Urine odor removal without the cover-up by the deodorizer or the Enzymes smells.

Using the wrong machines to clean the Oriental rug

Searching the Internet for the right Oriental rug cleaning service will lead to ” Every carpet cleaner become an expert cleaning On Oriental rug.” By asking the right questions, you can save the rug from the color run.

Please watch how carpet cleaner used a Scrubber on a Persian oriental rug ( link from Public YouTube)

An Oriental rug cleaning in Australia:

Ask questions save money, and avoid color bleed.

Mr. Will from California asked me if I can restore the 60 years Oriental rug (belong to his godmother); he describes the Oriental rug as colored by a Natural dye (vegetable dye).

The Oriental rug arrives this morning from the carpet cleaner, and the color was bleed. Is this normal? Should I accept the result as is?!

The PetPeePee Answer: Cleaning on an Oriental rug colored by a Natural Dye (Vegetable dye) from urine odor requires a different cleaning process than carpet cleaner use. By submerging the Persian/Turkish rug and scrubbing it, the color will bleed. We at PetPeePee company build the system/ Machine that design to remove the urine odor from the Natural dye Oriental rug, and we guarantee the color will never run/bleed.

The aggravation disappointment from the previous rug cleaning will lead to a search for the right solution: “WHO can remove the urine odor from Oriental rug and guarantee the color will not run.”

SO How do you find the Right Oriental rug Cleaning Service???

Why do rugs bleed?

Why do rugs bleed?

Ask Questions 

  1. Do you Guarantee Color will never Bleed?
  2. Do you Guarantee  IN WRITING Odor removal without the coverup using Deodorizer.???
  3. Do you have a video of your cleaning PROCESS on YouTube.???
  4. And the most important question: can I read the Reviews posted on Google. (Google reviews are hard to fack.)
  5. Ask are you cleaning the Oriental rug in your warehouse or subcontract the job.?

Would you mind watching the PetPeePee® Video “What I Promise I deliver”!!!

Searching the internet will lead to many companies that claim “Oriental rug cleaning Expert” Using the Carpet cleaner equipment such as Scrubber, Dustbuster, Submerging bath: dose machines will lead to color bleed, the fuzziness of the fibers.

The scrubber design to clean a restaurant floor near the kitchen.

Dustbuster design to remove the dirt and soil from the floor mat afront of the Home Depot (this mat is made from Car rubber)

Submerging bath design to clean a synthetic rug that is made of recycled water bottles.

Art on the floor that we inherit or purchase from $5000 and up needs a cleaning process that design to clean it right and remove the urine odor naturally using natural cleaner and bring the shine and the color back to life; this is what The PetPeePee company stand for. Thank you.

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