Choosing the Right Cleaning Service for Removing and Cleaning Antique Persian Carpet from Cats’ urine odour.

DHL makes the world smaller, so we can serve you whatever you are on the globe. Mr. Mair Martin.

Publish 07.27.2021 By Mr.Meir Martin,  the Owner of the PetPeePee® company, Florida, USA.

PetPeePee company International using the DHL for Pick up from your front door and deliver back Odor-free Drapery or Antique/New Carpet.

Find the right professional Oriental rug/Area rug cleaner is typically online. It may seem a simple task, Highly recommend asking the Oriental carpet/rug cleaner many questions over the phone before shipping/delivering the Oriental/carpet/rug for urine smell removal and Cleaning.

Ask Questions: avoid aggravation upon the delivery.

Ask this Question!!!:

The first Question customer ask: How the price to clean a wool/silk carpet? And if the price looks okay, they will order the service.

Do you know 70% of homeowners require a Rug cleaning needs Urine odor removal? The urine odor becomes more robust, and the natural color bleed/run will happen upon delivery. Is the low price you received worthed??? ( Color bleed Story)

Persian carpet that is clean in the wrong way will bleed, and if

  1. Do you Guarantee in writing urine odor removal without using deodorizer? ( Deodorizer will mask the urine odor for a short time).
  2. Do you clean the Oriental rug using a Scrubber? ( A Scrubber is an aggressive machine design to clean a restaurant floor and carpet, Not an oriental rug.
  3. Ask !!! Do You Guarantee Color will not Bleed/Run?. A professional Oriental rug cleaner using the Carpet cleaner equipment on a fine Oriental rug colored with Vegetable dye will cause permanent damage such as color bleed and fussiness.
  4. Reviews on Google are the best tools to identify the company’s legitimacy. Google Reviews is hard to fak.
  5. After asking this question, ask: and How much do you charge to clean the Oriental rug.

The Price is essential if the service is correct. Mr. Meir Martin.

Conversation with a customer:

Color run after cleaning

Color run after cleaning

A customer from Maryland text me: I Just had this carpet cleaned and dropped off. There is significant bleeding

of the reds. Is that Something you can fix? How much is shipping to Florida from Maryland? Thanks, Gavin.

Asking the right QUESTION before letting the rug/carpet go for cleaning will save the rug from the dumpster or disappointment. Mr.Meir Martin.

Consider Shipping your Oriental Carpet!

Meir Martin

Why should you consider shipping your Oriental Carpet from California, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Jerusalem to Florida to be clean from the pet Urine odor? Allow me to explain.

Persian oriental carpet that value over $10,000 considers as a piece of art. removing the urine odor will become a task after discovering the local oriental carpet cleaner causes damage to the Oriental carpet. The color run or fussiness results from using the wrong cleaning products and a carpet cleaning machine such as A Scrubber, Dustbuster, and the lousy cleaning process.

The PetPeePee company receives from all over the US Oriental Carpet as Antique and Semi-antique. The reviews on Google PetPeePee prove that the PetPeePee cleaning process is the right one to remove the urine odor, bring the shine back to the carpet, never color run, and total odor removal without covering the rug without artificial aroma (Deodorizer).

A customer from Norway asks.

Will it be expensive to clean and ship the rug from Norway to Florida? Meir Martin. Yes, consider this On Oriental carpet that value at $8000 before the Pet Accident. The value of the Persian carpet after the cat Pee-Pee on will be $0.

If the rug is clean properly, the Persian carpet will go back to the floor and bring a smile to your face, ” I save $8000″. If cleaned and the color bleed, or it still carries cat urine odor, the journey of the Oriental carpet would end in the garage.

Mr. Ponnam from India asks.

Mr. Ponnam from India asks: How to ship on silk rug from India, Kolkata zip 700013?

Mr. P Explain my wife has four cats, and one of them using the Turkish rug. The odor is strong, and the carpet is on the balcony outside, the carpet made from natural color. A local rug cleaner explains to me the color will bleed, and the rug will still smell from the cat urine odor; in other words, no one is interested in shampooing this rug.

Mr. Martin, what is the size of the rug?

Mr. P 3m X 4m approximately.

Mr. Martin, How Thick is the rug from 1 (thin) to 5 (very thick)?

Mr. P 2-3 silk and wool.

Mr. P, How do I receive the DHL label?

Mr. Martin: After folding the rug in the box, Email us the box dimension with your information ( name, Address, Phone #, and Email ); we will E-mail you back the DHL label. After posting the label on the Box, we will schedule DHL for pick up. The Tracking # will guide the box all the way to Florida. The minute we receive it, we will be notifying you via E-mail.

Mr. Martin, The price to clean and remove the cat urine odor is $1175. The shipping from your door to my warehouse in Florida is $700 to 900. DHL will pick up the rug from your place, and it will take 5 to 7 days to arrive in Florida and the 7 to 9 days back to you; cleaning the carpet will take 7-14 days. I will email you the cleaning process Video posted on YouTube before Email you the Invoice.

Mr. P, How do I pay you?

Mr. Martin: We never ask the customer for a credit card Pay pal or Quickbooks.

Mr. P, Do I have to have insurance on the shipping?

Mr. Martin: will inform you of all the insurance rates; we will ensure it for you using our Discount rate.

Mr. P, Do you provide a discount on cleaning several rugs?

Mr. Martin: Whan, we have come to the point of several rugs we can work on the cleaning price.

What is the Guarantee?

Mr. Meir Martin

100% urine odor removal entirely and permanently, without masking the Persian carpet by Deodorizer or cleaner/Shampoo smells (Enzyme)! We can’t guarantee stains removal (yellow, Brown, Orangy, or color run).

How to Box the Wool/Silk carpet for shipping?

Oriental carpet must be 100% Dry! ( watch the video on how to box the rug and fold it).

The PetPeePee, A cleaning process that makes sense!

PetPeePee cleans it the right way. Guarantee.


The price of the shipping may vary by DHL.

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