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Cat urine odor removal from an Antique rug

Publish July 29.2021 By Mr. Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company.

Living in Florida, the USA Servicing the United Kingdom by UPS or DHL for pick up and Delivery.

What makes a house a Sweet home

Leaving room decorated with a high-quality area rug

We’ve got you covered!

Antique Oriental rug on wood floor

Cleaning/removing dog urine odor from an Antique Oriental rug in a home will cause damage to the wood floor, and the urine odor will remain.

We think the best place for you to Clean a large handmade Antique rug from cat/Dog urine odor is in Florida, the USA.

That’s why we Invented the PetPeePee® name, Machine, and the Cleaner from the Dead Sea.

At the PetPeePee Warehouse, the cleaning process is different, and our Guarantees is 100% urine odor removal!!! 

Would you like to know How PetPeePee® Do That?

For more than ten years, the PetPeePee company Servicing the United States for Oriental rug cleaning from Urine Odor. Now is the time to provide the PetPeePee cleaning service to the United Kingdom and the entire world.

 I received calls and inquiries from around the globe to clean the antique and high-value oriental rugs, Persian carpet, Turkish rug from dog or cat urine odor.

The reviews then I receive on Google pet pee-pee prove “what I promise I deliver” I put together the natural cleaning products from the Dead Sea, which will never deposit any unpleasant smell into the fiber.

And I build myself solitary the XpetPee machine that cleans the oriental rug differently than all the other carpet cleaning services around the Globe.

Carpet cleaning equipment such as scrubber, centrifuge machine, steam cleaning, or dustbuster, those machines design to clean restaurant floor carpet, not on Antique Oriental rug.

Using the scrubber on your antique oriental rug will not remove the cat urine odor because the urine odor is in the rug’s foundation, not on the top. 

The PetPeePee technology machine eliminates all of the carpet cleaning equipment.

The PetPeePee Statement. Oriental rugs that purchase many years ago must be treaded and clean to preserve the art’s on the floor.

Protect the yarn during the cleaning process, enhance the oriental rug’s natural color, and remove the urine odor naturally without covering up the urine odor using Deodorizer.

The rug on the screen Purchases for $15,000; the owner from Louisiana has two dogs and two cats.

His wife said to him,” take the Rug, throw it away from the balcony or clean it. I cannot stand the smell anymore” the rug was sent to a local oriental rug cleaner end when the carpet comes back from the cleaner after they wash the carpet twice. It still smells from cat urine odor; the owner decided to ship the rug to Florida from Louisiana.

  1. Why does the previous rug cleaner fail to remove the cat urine odor? A. All over the world, rug cleaners cleaned the Oriental carpet horizontally ( on the top from left to right). We at PetPeePee company clean your Oriental Carpet from the Top to the Bottom by vacuuming a Natural cleaner from the Dead Sea THROUGH the Rug fiber washing the fiber (yarn) from the urine crystal traped in the bash of the Rug.

 By washing the Oriental carpet THROUGH (Vertically, not Horizontally), the urine crystals that cause the urine odor will be wash out; see the TUBE.

Asking yourself, How to ship the Oriental rug to Florida to be clean from the urine odor? Contact us:; we will arrange the UPS or DHL for pick up from your front door.

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