The PetPeePee® International Service for Urine Odor Removal

Wool, Silk, Antique, Modern Rugs & Custom-made Draperies.

Introducing the PetPeePee company, a Global Service for cleaning and removing dog and cat urine odor from high-quality antique, modern Persian, Turkish, Afghan, Pakistani, Chinese, Indian, Tibet carpet, and custom-made draperies.

Antique Oriental Persian Carpet cleaned by PetPeePee from cat urine odor

Customer Photo Antique Rug smell from cat urine odor


Wool Antique Carpet made of vegetable dye, cleaned from mice and rat urine odor.

Customer Photo Antique Rug smell from cat dog urine odor

The PetPeePee company worldwide service Developed a unique cleaning process to remove the urine Crystal/odor permanently from the foundation of the rug/carpet by washing the fiber THROUGH the rug.

 Combining the XpetPee machine and the Dead Sea minerals will break down the urine crystals and wash them away to the sewage.

The technique to wash the Turkish rug/carpet THROUGH is new in the rug cleaning industry. It has already been proven by removing the urine crystals, preventing color bleed and fiber/yarn fuzziness, leaving the Persian/ Turkish carpet Shine, color intact, and free from the cleaning solution such as Soap, Enzymes, and deodorizers that previous cleaners and rug owners have already used.

The XpetPee machine was Built by Mr. Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee® company. Mr. Martin said, “The urine odor (crystals) lay deep inside the Rug’s foundation by washing the Oriental carpet on the top will leave the urine crystal alive/untouchable in the rug Foundation.”

The innovation of the XpetPee machine using the natural Odor-free Dead Sea Cleaner will wash the rug foundation vertically, cleaning the rug foundation by penetrating THROUGH the Cotton and the Wool/Silk Knots.

The benefit of cleaning the Carpet THROUGH the rug means for Pet Owners and Oriental rugs collectors: Never any color runs, Never destruction of the fiber/yarn, Never residue of Enzyme, chemical detergents smell the Wool/Silk carpet, and above all, Urine odor elimination. 

The PetPeePee company International service for urine odor removal, Antique carpet, & Custom-made Drapery.

Cleaning a Custom-made Silk Drapery from urine odor

Shipping Custom made Drapery to be clean from dog urine odor

Custom-made Curtains

Custom-made Silk Curtains clean from a little dog

  1. Visit
  2. Fill up the information and attach the pictures of the items.
  3. The item’s pictures calculate the cleaning price, weight, and size of the package. 
  4. By your Zipcode and the country, we can provide you the shipping cost.  
  5. Upon confirmation, I will email the DHL label to you. When the box is ready, DHL will pick up the package directly from your home.
  6. Customers can insure the item and receive our discount price.

PetPeePee company Statment.

Since 1991 we have been using the XpetPee machine and the natural cleaner from the Dead Sea. Cleaning Thousands of Oriental rugs of all types and Draperies from urine odor. The Reviews we received on Angie’s List, Facebook, Yelp, and the “Google PetPeePee reviews” prove that our cleaning process is the right one to clean and remove the urine odor and customers approve!

The PetPeePee A Cleaning process that makes sense.



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