Will Shampooing Wool Rug Get Rid of Urine Smell?


According to the PetPeePee company, cleaning Oriental rugs using the carpet cleaning equipment/machine and Enzyme/shampoo will not remove the smells of Dog Cat urine odor!!!

What is shampooing?

Cleaning antique Oriental rug Miami Florida from cat urine odor see the review on Google

Cleaning antique Oriental rug by PetPeePee company using the XpetPee machine and the Dead Sea minerals is how we can provide100% urine odor removal.

Everyone knows how to shampoo the car, your hair, your hand, etc. Everyone knowsSoap must be wash completely; if not, the rinse will turn the rug sticky.

Let’s see the difference between washing/shampooing your clothes VS washing your vehicle.

Washing a towel/shirt made of cotton requires cleaning the entire fiber from top to bottom and THROUGH. Since all the washing machines are spinning back and forth, the shampoo penetrates THROUGH the fiber, removing all the dirt and the sweat crystal from the thread.

After washing the vehicle, will wash running water out of soap and dirt from the car.

Shampooing the Wool/Silk Rug can be don on the top or from the Back of the rug; Washing the wool/Silk Oriental rug with running water will flash the Soap (Enzyme) from the top, and the rug foundation will remain with the Soap (Enzyme) that blanded with the urine crystals, now the wool/Silk rug will smell like Pee-Pee-Shop.

How to Get Rid of the Urine Smell in a Wool/Silk Rug???

By washing the Wool/Silk Rug THROUGH.

Removing the Urine smells from the wool/Silk Rug must be done by washing the Oriental rug foundation THROUGH using Odor-free Shampoo/cleaner.

Odor-Free Cleaner WHY?

Shampooing the Wool rug with an Enzyme cleaner (Enzyme bland with detergent/soap and deodorizer)will deposit the Enzyme odor in the wool Cotton fiber. Imagen spraying a Vanilla deodorizer on a wool rug that smells from Pee-Pee: results A new odor we call it Pee-Pee-Vanilla is this what you are looking for.?

For this reason, cleaning oriental rugs must be done by a cleaner that is ODOR-FREE!.

Only a cleaner that is on Odor-Free will deliver the unforgotten wool odor upon delivery.

The PetPeePee company

We change the Carpet cleaner industry by eliminating the carpet cleaner equipment and the Enzyme, Deodorizer shampoo that bean used on Wool Silk Oriental rug to a natural odor-Free cleaner that guarantees urine smalls removal.

The XpetPee machine

The XpetPee machine was invented and built solitary by Mr. Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company.

No more Scrubbers or carpet cleaning equipment on a Fine Wool/Silk antique oriental rug.

In the process of cleaning the Wool/Silk oriental rug and avoiding color run (cause by the Scrubber), gentle touch is the key to receiving FIVE-STAR reviews on Google.

By flooding the wool/Silk/Kilim Oriental carpet on the top and Vacuuming from under the rug, The XpetPee machine cleans the Wool carpet THROUGH the fibers, removing all the urine crystals from the rug foundation.

The Dead Sea Cleaner, the PetPeePee Company Secret Cleaner.

Cleaning and Removing the urine odor by the XpetPee machine is only one step for achieving the GOLE ” Odor-Free Urine Crystal Oriental Rug.”

The Dead Sea Cleaner design by mother nature to kill bacteria. Naturally, The Dead Sea is the only place on earth that bacteria can’t survive.

We at PetPeePee company modify the minerals to work with the XpetPee machine, eliminate all the Enzymes and the deodorizer that deposit bad odor into the Rug.

The Dead Sea Cleaner is on Smell-free cleaner, soap/detergent free, and the residue that deposits in the rug foundation will keep the wool rug free from Ash and wool insects.

How to find a urine odor service that guarantees urine odor removal

from on Oriental carpet?

Searching for cat urine odor removal from the Oriental rug? ask a question:

  1. Are you Guarantee in writing urine odor removal without covering the Oriental rug with Deodorizer on chemicals cleaner smell?
  2. are you cleaning the Oriental using a scrubber? (scrubber will lead to a fiber fussiness).
  3. Upon delivery, are you guarantee no trach of the urine odor?
  4. If the color run or it’s still a bad odor, it will be no payment.

Only the PetPeePee company can deliver Oriental rugs free from bad odor, never a Scrubber or Deodorizer. The reviews on Google prove it.

The PetPeePee company Guarantees.

100% Guarantees in writing urine and Pet accident removal without coving up by using Enzyme or Deodorizer, Naver fussiness or color run.

The Reviews on Google prove: What we promise we deliver PetPeePee a Cleaning process that makes sense.

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Need Oriental Carpet/rug urine odor removal and cleaning in the USA, search on Google ” Oriental rug urine odor removal service.”  The PetPeePee company has more than 1300 videos on YouTube. We provide the best cleaning and guarantees in the Oriental rug cleaning service, and the reviews on PetPeePee Google prove it.

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