How to Clean On Antique Oriental rug in home & Destroyed it!!!

Publish 07.04.2021 By Mr.Meir Martin, The Owners of the PetPeePee company, Nationwide service.

Don't EVER clean Oriental rug at HOME

DON’T EVER clean Oriental rug at home!!!!

Customers ask Mr.Meir Martin.

Daily, I received an inquiry with a picture on my text ” can you clean and fix the Oriental rug?”

The PetPeePee Answers.

The vegetable dye colors the Oriental rug that you cleaned in the home. Washing and scrubbing the Oriental rug with Enzymes (Enzymes contain a detergent) will lead the color to run (bleed); this bleeding is permanent and can’t be reversed!!!.

If the bleeding is a spot, you may cover it; however, if the bleeding is like the picture, the Oriental rug is DESTROYED.

What happened to my rug?

In most cases, Pet urine odor is the number one reason customers need the Oriental/wool rug clean.

Silk rug color run

Cleaning a silk rug in home

Color run Wool Oriental rug

Color run Wool Oriental rug

Customers search on Google “How to remove urine odor from on area rug”?  And voila,

Carpet cleaner companies show HOW EASY IT IS TO CLEAN RUG USING: Scrubber, Squeezy, High pressure, Brushing back and forth with a foamy soap.

What you should know

cleaning on Polypropylene synthetic carpet, you can clean/treat it as a floor mat.  Olefin rug is a synthetic material, meaning it’s manufactured. It’s popular due to its combination of stain resistance, softness, and value for money. It’s also bleach-cleanable, making it easier to remove spillages and stains. However, it’s not resistant to the urine odor, and it will raise the more incredible difficulty of eliminating the big dog smell and Pet urine odor. SO the Olefine Area rug can be clean with the carpet cleaner equipment and the Enzymes if the blowers are standing ready to dry fast. Living the Area rug on the driveway to dry by the sun may not be enough; the result MOLD ODOR.

KNOW your Area Rug/Oriental carpet.

Oriental carpet Artwork on the floor that needs special care and it will reward you cordially.

There are many Oriental rugs/carpets; in this Blog, we will focus on two types: color tack and Vegetable dye, the difference, and how we most care.

Wool/Silk Oriental rug color lock.

Wool Oriental rug

Wool Oriental rug

Even high-quality Oriental rugs colored by “color FIX/lock” (synthetic dye) can bleed by using a worm cleaner with a high PH Soap (Enzyme); Scrubbing, Brushing, and drying the rug, NOT horizontal, will lead to color run.

Drying the rug

After cleaning the rug for several hours, the carpet must be vacuum from all the moister and the used cleaning products and dry the Oriental rug Flat (horizontally) with a blower ( sunlight is not enough to dry the rug fast).

Drying condition

Seeing the picture  “Oriental rug on the Roof” can tell us that Oriental rug must be dry on the horizontal flat floor.

Oriental rug colored by The Vegetable Dye.

Antique Oriental rug on wood floor

Cleaning an antique Oriental rug on the wood floor will cause damage to the wood floor.

On Oriental rug, wool or silk colored with Vegetable dye made the Oriental carpet unique (One of a kind). Colored yarn with Vegetable dye is limited to the amount of wool/silk require for the rug size. Wiving a new rug size with the same design, the color may not be the same.

So. why we buy Oriental rugs colored with vegetable dye?

Oriental rug colored by vegetable dye will be bright, shine for generations to come; on the other hand, the color fix will lose its shine during the years.


Cleaning Oriental rug in home

Cleaning rug in home

drying the wool rug in home

After reading all, you are still convinced that you could clean your Oriental rug in your home.

Optimistic about removing the Dog/Cat Urine Odor using the Enzyme (soap).

allow me, Call any carpet/Oriental rug cleaning service in your area and ask: “Do you guarantee in writing 100% urine odor removal without covering/using deodorizer or chemical smell upon delivery.”

You will find that many companies that you contact will not write the Guarantee you ask for it! WHY: Because removing the urine odor from Oriental rug must be wash THROUGH the Oriental rug, using a natural cleaner that is Odor-free, Soap (Enzyme) free.

Cat dog in home

pet in home

A company that guarantees in writing CAT urine odor removal

Cat urine is the most challenging service to accomplish-Meir Martin.

Only a company that cleans your Oriental carpet THROUGH can provide you with the Guarantee you are looking for Removing the Urine ODOR Chemicals-Free!.

Mr. Meir Martin

My advice to pets owners and Oriental rug lovers.

Artwork that we love and cherish, Oriental rug; an heirloom carpet that we inherit from our parents or interior designer that decorates our home if it plays a role in your home decor; clean it professionally. Would you please watch the video attached?


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