Cat urine odor removal

Service that guarantees, Cat urine odor removal from: Oriental rug, Drapery and silk carpet.

PetPeePee, service that’s guaranteed cat urine odor removal from: Oriental rug, Drapery, and silk carpet

Cat urine odor and Stains in/on Drapery

  1. What you should recognize when your cat urinated on custom-made Drapery/curtains.
  2. Custom-made curtains, removing the urine odor from drapery require a particular cleaning product!
  3. PetPeePee company develops a secret cleaning product specifically to get rid of the urine odor from expensive, high-end, custom-made drapery/curtains.
  4. This cleaning product from the Dead Sea are organic, odor free, and free from enzyme and deodorizer.
  5. Know enzyme. The enzyme is a protein that’s supposed to “eat” the urine crystal, however it’s far from doing this job, most of the enzyme cleaning product contains soap or detergent, by cleaning any fiber, this soap(enzyme) will be left in the fiber, this will grow bacteria later, and cat, dog stains will show, and it will become permanent.


    Cat stain on custom-made silk drapery, this drapery shipped to PetPeePee service from California. PetPeePee service guarantees in writing hundred percent urine odor removal

  6. Examine the photo attached.
  7. Advice: by applying soap on pee pee you will end with the new stain we call it” pee pee soap “this new form can become a permanent stain; my advice DON’T clean your drapery yourself.
  8. After you discover that your cat has been urinating on your drapery, by calling a cleaning service ask: “do you guarantee the removal of the urine odor from the drapery”? This will have clarified the result you’re looking for.
  9. PetPeePee service technology and secret cleaner from the Dead Sea will remove the urine odor 100% guarantee in writing, however we cannot guarantee the removal of stain.


Cat urine Odor Stains on All types of Oriental rug.

 What you should recognize when your cat urinated on, Oriental rug.

  1. Urine odor removal from all types of Oriental rug.
  2. Cat urine odor is totally different than dog urine odor.
  3. Cat attends to pee in the same area, over and over, this will lead to a strong urine odor in specific area.
  4. Cat urine it’s very small, and in most cases, we don’t see or smell and the first time.
  5. After the cat pee many times, we discover the stain by the awful smell.
  6. Our attempt to remove the urine odor by using a cleaning product that contains enzyme, in most cases, the stains become stronger, and bigger.


    Removing cat urine odor from antique Oriental rug by PetPeePee company, this cleaning process develop specifically to eliminate permanently the cat urine odor by using the organic Dead Sea minerals.

  7. Cat urine stain would be 8 times bigger than the top.
  8. Any attempt to remove the urine stained can lead to permanent stain, and in most cases even a professional carpet cleaner will back off from this job.
  9. PetPeePee service, since 1991 the only service that we provide is, urine odor removal, the new approach to remove urine odor put us on the map as an essential service for pet owner especially cat lover.
  10. Please watch the video and see the technology and the odor free organic cleaner from the, Dead Sea that to revolutionize the way, Oriental rug should be clean from cat urine odor.

A PetPeePee service cleaning process that makes sense.

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