Curtains Urine Odor Stains Removal

Why Choose PetPeePee Company?
100% Guaranteed Urine Odor Removal is Our Standard Cleaning Process!
PetPeePee Company has revolutionized the cleaning process with our Vacuum Cleaning system that cleans “through” the item along with our naturally blended minerals from the Dead Sea.
We are the experts in the field of cleaning and removing urine odor, permanently, from: Oriental rugs, Custom made Draperies, Antique Carpets, Needlepoints, Area Rugs & Furniture.

You’ve reached this page because you may have custom-made Curtains that your Pet’s Urinated on.

Also, it’s highly likely that there is no service in your region that can provide you
Guaranteed urine odor removal, No shrinking, from Curtains.

Urine odor removal from Curtains is not as commonplace as just cleaning Curtains for dust and dirt.
Because this service is rare, most cleaners don’t have the experience in removing urine odor from Fine, Silk,cotton, fibers without the possibility of: shrinking the Curtains, causing colors to run, or creating permanent brown stains after the cleaning. There is no product in the market to remove urine odor from custom-made fine Curtains.

The only services that the, PetPeePee Company provides are, the removal of urine stains and odor from fabrics,
Curtains and Oriental rugs.
The AAA reviews on Angie’s List™ speak for themselves.
I love to tell stories from Servicing PetPeePee Customers.

Interior Designer needed Urine odor removal.
I received a call from a high-end interior designer in Boca Raton; she asked me if I can remove cat urine odor from silk Curtains?

The Home was in the Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton.
I came to the house in the Woodfield Country Club. The nice lady invited me into her living room with her beautiful Persian cat in her arms. The ceiling was over 20 feet high.
She walked me to the Silk Custom made curtains. and showed me one panel with Cat urine odor and a yellowish stain (see the Top picture).

I smelled the Silk fiber and the odor was strong; definitely cat urine!

I asked the lady, “How is it that the cat urinated six feet up on the Curtain but the urine did not reach the drapes on the floor?”
The Lovely lady looked at me while holding her cat with so much love and said, “The cat doesn’t like my husband, so every time that my husband stands near the window looking out at the golf course my cat jumps on the top of his chair and sprays the Curtain.

So, before my husband will be back from his work trip next week I have to remove the odor completely! If not, the cat will have to find another home!”

Picking up the drapery.
I climbed on the ladder and removed the panel, and then hit the road. Upon delivery, I placed the panel in the same spot.
The only question from the lady after she smelled the panel was,

“How did you do that?”

I simply smiled, and then I knew that I had a customer for life!
Two years later, I had to do the sofa in their living room, and the husband never knew that PetPeePee Service was at his home.