Why my cats pee near the window, sliding door, cat peed near the sliding door due to another cat’s visiting the backyard this will trigger the cats to spray on the window to tell the other cats if she is on heat on not.

Why my cat pee near the window, door or sliding door?

Why my cat pee near the window, door, and the sliding window.

Since 1991 I have visited hundreds of houses related to pet pee pee.

I came face-to-face with the problem that many of pet owner facing, one of them is why my cats pee near the window?

I love to explain it, this way.

Urine is a language; the lioness goes around his territory and spray the urine to distinguish the other lioness, this is my home this is my territory don’t dare come over here because I’m strong and I am a male.

The urine will be affected and released the urine odor for 3 to 5 months, the lioness must come back to the same field and spray again, to say this is my district.


Why my cat pee near the window, Cats will pee on the kitchen window when the other cats visiting the backyard or the pool this can tell us in our cats communicate with the other cats outside.


Why my cat pee near the window

The same tale with our cats, the guy sitting on the sofa and watching outside, see some other cat that coming close to the window, depending on the time of the year, the cat will communicate by coming close to the window, the reaction between the two bozos will be by voice and in some cases by spraying near the window.

This is the start of a long tale, the other cat will arrive to see if the urine odor tells the cat is at the correct time of the year, the other cats would pee on the windowpane, and our cat will Pee indoors.

After we discover the awful urine odor, we try to clean it with some ordinary cleaning product that’s in the market, however the odor will remain for the cats, and they will continue spraying on the window.

So the question is: Why my cat pee near the window and what to do now?

  1. See who is the visitor that come to visit your cat “when you’re not at home”
  2. Apply the camera to see if is a cat, dog, raccoon or possum.
  3. Many times, we observe the visitor Is Our Neighbor cat.
  4. Yet, if this is an outside cat, the best direction is to address the human society, they know how to capture the cat the right manner.
  5. It is a raccoon or possum a trap can serve.
  6. In most lawsuits, this is will end the cat Behavior.

In most instances, we found than the cats urinated on the drapery, this is the job that PetPeePee company/service specialize in.

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