What are enzyme how its work

What are enzyme how its work and why after I clean the stain it’s turned brown/yellowish.

What are enzyme and how its work?

Pet owner asks: why the stain that I took out with a cleansing product that contain enzyme turn brownish/yellowish why?

Since 1991 PetPeePee service provides to pet owner essential service to clean and remove dog and cat urine odor from: Oriental rug, curtains, wood floor, carpet, furniture and more.

The main question is, why the Enzyme (cleaning product that I purchased from the pet store remove the stain in the Showtime, and later the stain resurfaces as a yellowish-brown, why?

By shaking the cleaning product that we purchase from the pet store, we notice the suds pouring from the bottle, this can tell us the product in the bottle contain soap.

More digging and reading more, the label promise us to carry away the toughest stains and the odor, and this product is biodegradable, if we didn’t convince enough to buy it, the manufactory guarantee your money back.


What are enzyme and how its work, PetPeePee service develop a cleaning product that is free from enzyme and deodorize soap or detergent and it is odor free. We sell our product after consulting with a customer.

After we cleaned the pee stains, 2 to 3 weeks we discover the stain resurface: yellowish, brownish color.

Second attempt to clean the spot and the result, fantastic everything come off, make us believe the product is working.

The stain resurfaces after 2-3 weeks, this time the stains are bigger, most of us believe the product is not doing the job the right way, the customer go back to the store and purchase a different cleaning product.

This time the customer use more product saturates the area easily and even vacuum the carpet with a shop Vac, the stain gone.

Reality 2-3 weeks later the stain resurfaces again, we at PetPeePee company name the stain as “Houdini stains”.

The interrogative sentence is why why why?

Here’s the simple answer. Is Enzyme really working?

The dog or the cat pee pees on the rug the cleaning product that we used contain soap! By cleaning the Pee pee stain with the soap without the ability to remove, rain’s, wash the soap and the pee pee completely from the carpet, the combining of the soap and the Pee Pee will form with a new strain, we call it “PeePeeShoap”.

The PeePeeShoap will attract the bacteria that grow in the urine Crystal, and the oil from the soap.

The new yellow-brown stain is mildew! That will become permanent stains in the fiber.

Please look on the video it will explicate in a brilliant way.

To know more about (What are enzyme how its work) or the new cleaning product that is available please contact PetPeePee.com.


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