Oriental rug carpet Drapery cleaning from Urine Odor

Oriental rug Carpet Drapery cleaning from Urine Odor by PetPeePee Service.

Custom-made draperies and beautiful Oriental rug

Custom-made drapery and beautiful supersize Oriental rug covering the living room facing the intercostal Boynton Beach Florida, service by the PetPeePee company.

PetPeePee company established in 1991, providing urine odor removal permanence, organically from Oriental rug, Drapery, Furniture, silk fiber, and more.

Developing the odor-free cleaning product found in the Dead Sea, and building from scratch that vacuum floor machine clean the carpet, area rug, antique Oriental rug, “THROUGH” the rug.

The benefit of using the cleaner from the Dead Sea.

  1. An organic cleaning product.
  2. Odor-free cleaner.
  3. Eatable.
  4. Design to dry/killed the bacteria (urine crystal) naturally.

The benefit of using the Dead Sea: Oriental rug, the drapery contained by the urine odor must be clean with a cleaning product that is free from deodorizing.

petpeepee-advertisement-on-441-rdThe Dead Sea minerals clean the Oriental rug/drapery from the urine odor without enzyme, soap, dry-cleaning, or steam cleaning chemicals/process.

Custom-made silk draperies before and after

Cleaning drapery before and after

The reason we clean the Oriental rug with the Dead Sea minerals it’s simple, most of the Oriental rug that arrived at the PetPeePee facility is clean. However, the odor is awful, so the cleaning process concentrates more on removing the Dog Cat urine odor.

Because the Dead Sea minerals are odor-free and organic (eatable), the customers receiving the Oriental rug, free from the chemical smell (enzyme) and urine odor.

Getting rid of the urine odor from custom-made Drapery.

Most of the carpet cleaner or dry-cleaning service provides Drapery cleaning from dust and soil. However, to remove the urine odor from custom-made silk, Drapery deliver a challenge that’s most of the dry-cleaning or the carpet cleaner cannot deliver: urine odor removal permanently.

Because of this problem, urine odor removal from drapery it’s rare; most of the carpet cleaner or the dry-cleaning don’t have the experience to remove the urine odor without the risk of ruining the fiber.

PetPeePee service face this challenge in early 1990.

PetPeePee provides nationwide urine odor removal service from custom-made Draperies such as; silk, cotton blended fiber with a 100% urine odor removal Guarantee in writing.

Visit PetPeePee; Google reviews and sees the five-star reviews that we received.

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The PetPeePee service cleaning process makes sense.

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