Can urine Odor be Removed from Oriental Rug?

At PetPeePee service, we receive these questions? Can urine odor be removed from Oriental rug permanently?

My answer is:  Definitely.

A PetPeePee service / company established 1991, the only service that we provide is urine odor removal from: Oriental rug, drapery, furniture and fine fiber.

PetPeePee service is not a carpet cleaner, the industry place PetPeePee in the category of carpet cleaning, however, we supposed to be in a section that is not exist: odor removal.

In the process to remove the odor from: Oriental rug or draperies we clean the item from dirt and soil, however, the main reason customer seeking
PetPeePee service is, the total urine odor removal, permanently.


A customer asked, can urine odor be removed from Oriental rug permanently? PetPeePee answer this is the only service that we provide, with a guarantee that reward us on Google five star reviews.

How we do that.

Removing the urine odor, require a different method and approach, that’s carpet cleaner or dry-cleaning uses.

Most of the carpet cleaner service uses, enzyme and deodorize to remove the urine odor, however the success is far from satisfied the pet owner.

Dry cleaner design to clean fabric from sweat and dirt, not from urine odor, therefore dry-cleaning is out of the question: Can urine Odor be Removed from Oriental Rug?

Since 1991 PetPeePee develop a cleaning product that is odor free, organic, and it will remove and eliminate the urine crystal odor, in a mysterious way: the power of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is one of the majestic place on earth, located in the lowest place 1200 feet below the sea level, 60 miles east of Jerusalem, the place that’s people go to get cure from all kinds of skin disease and health problems.

The Dead Sea minerals contain more than 20 minerals, and this is the secret of the Dead Sea.

Mr. Meir Martin the owner of PetPeePee service, develop the organic cleaning process, a product that’s contained key ingredient to eliminate completely the urine odor.

So the question: can urine odor be removed from Oriental rug? My answer is absolutely, 100% guarantee in writing, no trace of any odor in: Oriental rug, draperies, or furniture.

See the next blog, how we clean and removes the urine odor from, Oriental rug by using the vacuum floor machine, invented by Mr. Meir Martin the owner of PetPeePee service.


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