Why you shouldn’t clean Your Oriental Rug at Home

Don’t let something good go bad! Why you shouldn’t clean Your Oriental Rug at Home,

By Meir Martin the Owner of PetPeePee system.

Why you shouldn’t clean Your Oriental Rug at Home, Cleaning an area rug (Olefin Synthetic fiber) from dirt and soil, require an experience professional and equipment to do the job the right way.

Why you shouldn’t clean Your Oriental Rug at Home. Customer try to clean this 9 x 12 Indian rug from cat urine odor, the rug end in the dumpster.

Every carpet cleaner can clean area rug from dirt and soil, it’s nearly the same operation to clean wall-to-wall carpet.

Nevertheless, to remove dog or cat urine odor from Oriental rug, It’s a bigger challenge.

Most of pet owner that own Oriental rug, would be upset to spend money, to clean the Oriental rug from pee pee odor.

Many of us, including me, (in the beginning of my career) we believe the urine odor is the easiest task to remove it, when we look at the Oriental rug that saturated with a dog or cat urine odor, we surprise to see that the Oriental rug is clean, however, the urine odor can drive everybody nuts.

People believe that spraying the area rug with a garden hose, scrubbing with a light touch, putting on more or less cleaning product and allow it dry outside, would solve the problem.

So, if your Oriental rug made of, wool, cotton or silk, this organic, natural fiber attempt to bleed easily (color run) and the fiber will hold the urine crystal different than, synthetic, plastic area rug.

My name is Meir Martin, I’m the owner and the inventor of, PetPeePee service, look at the video.

The process of cleaning Oriental rug from urine odor is much more complex than its look like, please before making any decision to take the rug outside and wet it with a garden hose, look at this video it will show what could happen to the Oriental rug after 2-3 days.

The PetPeePee system, Cleaning process that’s makes sense.

Please watch this video, it will clarify how complex is the process to get rid of urine smell.

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