Urine odor removal Service

Urine Odor Removal Service from
: Draperies, Oriental rug, and antique carpet, By PetPeePee Service.


Urine odor removal from area rug using the Dead Sea minerals and the vacuum floor that’s will ensure100% urine odor removal permanently PetPeePee service cleaning process that’s makes sense.

Urine Odor Removal Service organically from: wool Oriental rug, silk rug, antique Persian and Turkish carpet.

Removing the urine odor from the art on the floor requires a special cleaning product, and machine technology.

PetPeePee service providing and nationwide service since 1991.

The experience and the skill, that’s we gain by providing urine odor removal service, give us the confidence to provide a guarantee like no other: 100% urine odor removal permanently by using, the Dead Sea minerals and the vacuum floor.

The Dead Sea minerals invented by Meir Martin the owner of PetPeePee, this organic cleaner is odor free, enzyme and deodorize free.

The Dead Sea is the only place on earth the bacteria cannot produce.

PetPeePee service using the Dead Sea minerals in a manner, turning the urine crystal to dust.


Urine odor removal from custom-made silk draperies, this unique cleaning process is guaranteed in writing urine odor removal, however we cannot guarantee the removal of the urine stain. PetPeePee service cleaning process that makes sense.

The technology and the machine that we develop “the vacuum floor” will clean the Oriental rug, area rug or carpet “Through”, it’s mean all the Dead Sea minerals that is on the top of the rug will go through the rug (by the suction that’s under the rug) the Dead Sea minerals would pool all the urine crystal the dirt, and the cleaning product that the customers used.

The benefit of the” Vacuum floor machine”.

By cleaning the Oriental rug through the rug with the Dead Sea minerals, PetPeePee eliminate the need to use: scrubber, steam cleaning, roller, and any equipment that comes with a contact with the, wool or silk fiber, this will ensure the, Oriental rug will remain in a perfect shape after the cleaning.

Besides, to get rid of the urine odor completely the Dead Sea minerals that’s left a remainder in the rug, deep inside the fiber, would offer a shield against urine crystal that’s may remain after the cleansing procedure.

The Dead Sea minerals will dry the urine crystal.

The benefit of the Dead Sea minerals, by using this organic cleaning product, we do away with the need to use: soap, deodorizer, or any harsh chemical that can-do harm to the silk wool fiber, (all those chemicals will dry the fiber, and can cost a permanent damage in the long run.

Urine odor removal organically is the proper means to cleanse. Oriental rug or custom-made draperies from urine odor.

PetPeePee service, cleaning process that makes sense.



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