Cleaning an Antique Oriental rug from cat urine odor by PetPeePee Service


Cat urine odor, it’s much stronger than a dog, cat urinated in the same spot over and over this will make the urine odor concentrate,

Cleaning antique Oriental rug from cat urine odor. Cleaning, removing cat urine odor from; antique Persian, Pakistani, Turkish, Oriental rug the right way it’s a challenge.

Look at the video, and see the technology behind cleaning Oriental rugs the right way.

The engineering science and innovation that separate, PetPeePee service from the remainder of the rug cleaning industry.

Most carpet cleaning industry treats and cleans Oriental rugs with the same machine and cleaning product they use on the carpet (wall-to-wall).

However, Oriental rugs and special, antique rugs that saturate with the cat urine odor need a different cleaning process!

Most of us, when they sense the awful urine odor from the rug, call the carpet cleaner and require:

united kingdom Antique Carpet cat urine odor removal service

united kingdom Antique Carpet cat urine odor removal service

How much do you charge to clean on Oriental rug?

Nevertheless, the query should be dissimilar:

Do you guarantee to remove the cat urine odor?

So, what are the differences, cleaning Oriental rug from dirt and soil or permanently removing the cat urine odor?

Dirt and soil, in most cases, are on the top of the rug, a good vacuum with a light spray of vinegar can do a significant job, or cleaning by a professional can remove the dirt and soil.

Cat urinated in the same space many times; this will cause the urine odor very strong, the urine crystal saturates the fiber; for this reason, cat urine it’s stronger than dog urine because the dog spread his pee-pee all over.

An ordinary carpet cleaner will use the same equipment and chemicals that have been used on synthetic wall-to-wall carpet, such as an enzyme, deodorize, and heavy equipment such as; scrubber, roller, steam cleaning, squeaky; all of these chemicals and machines will harm the Antique Oriental rug.

The obvious question is why?


This beautiful antique Oriental rug “Tabriz” shipped to PetPeePee warehouse from New Jersey to be clean from cat urine odor PetPeePee nationwide service.

Any liquid spilled on the Oriental rug will absorb the fiber all away from the upside to the rear.

To obliterate the urine or any liquid, we must wash the rug Through.

To ensure that’s the liquid will not forget any remainder in the rug, in this instance, the crystal of the urine.

The quartz of the urine is protein; it will become a portion of food for the bacteria, bacteria will grow on it and multiply by billion.

Cleaning the rug and the crown or the tail end will leave the bacteria in the initiation and the center of the carpet.

This will contribute to a fresh generation of bacteria; this will produce whatever is left in the origination of the carpeting, and the smell will come backward.

For this reason, the cleaning operation to clean Oriental rugs from urine odor must be through the rug.

PetPeePee service; the “Vacuum Floor Machine.”

Since 1991 PetPeePee using the revolutionary vacuum floor machine that’s clean the antique Oriental rug by vacuum under the rug and the Dead Sea minerals that have covered the rug on the top.

The suction from under the rug pool all the liquid that is on the top of the rug through the rug, vacuuming all the urine crystal (and the dirt) through the rug, leaving the rug fiber free from any bacteria or urine crystal.

And more, the Dead Sea minerals will leave the minerals inside the rug (wool, cotton fiber), those minerals will dry the bacteria in the drying process.

What separates PetPeePee service from the rest? We never touched the rug in the wet cleaning process, so you’ll rug will return to you in perfect shape and free from any odor, guarantee in writing.

Please view the video PetPeePee service cleaning process that makes sense.”

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