Cleaning Kilim rug from Urine Odor Stains

Cleaning kilim rug from dog or cat urine odor by PetPeePee service

Cleaning and removing dog or cat urine odor from, kilim rug.


Cleaning Kilim rug from Urine Odor Stain Since 1991 PetPeePee service provides essential service to clean and remove dog and cat urine odor from, Oriental rug and especially, kilim carpet.


Kilim Oriental rug decorates the house beautiful, however cleaning kilim from dog or cat urine odor, it’s a challenge see how PetPeePee service cleans it the right way.

The technology that we develop, the vacuum floor machine, and the odor free, organic, Dead Sea minerals, the combination of two of them will ensure results that will surprise any Oriental rug owner and pet lover.

What is so special about kilim rug?

Kilim is a very thin rug, construct with 100% wool, the foundation of the rug and the nep are made from: camel, horse, or sheep wool.

When we find that our pets have urinated on the kilim rug, in most cases we panic, and grubbed some cleaning product and call off the stained back and forth, to remove the urine smell and stain.

However, the damage to the rug can be irreversible.

So how to clean kilim rugs when we discover the accident?

  1. Fresh and Old urine stain.
  2. Apply towel under the Stains/rug.
  3. Spray top water, and cover the stain with another towel
  4. Absorb by stepping on the towel.
  5. Repeat the process 3-4 times.
  6. Do not scrub back and forth in any circumstance.
  7. Spray lightly a white vinegar and dry by the towel (if the stain it still yellow do not use vinegar)

Cleaning product that’s sold in the pet store contain enzymes, most of the enzyme blend with the soap (detergent), by cleaning the urine stain with those cleaning products, the detergent will blend with the urine crystal and eventually it will turn to a brown yellow is stain, that’s will remove the color from the wool. (With my experience, I don’t advocate any of those cleaning product)

For more advice, how to protect your kilim Oriental rug, please contact us

Cleaning any rug is on the customer’s own risk, our advice, in a good fate.

PetPeePee company is not bound to any damage that could come by cleaning pet accident.

Cleaning Kilim rug from Urine Odor Stain

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