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Oriental rug Cleaning, West Palm Beach Florida


Oriental rug cleaning By Meir Martin the Owners Of PetPeePee service

I can’t PetPeePee as a last effort before disposing of 2 large rugs that have been in the family for 3 generations. Over the years, these rugs have been professionally cleaned in New York, Palm Beach and Aspen. Each time they return with the odor of whatever chemical used to clean the rug. Within a short period of time the urine order would return and even a new pet would find the odor and remark the rugs. My current dog was fully housebroken by 10 weeks with the exception of these 2 rugs.

When I return home in the afternoon I am now greeted by my dog and the simply odor of the wool in my wool rugs. I now know my daughters will have the opportunity to have their great grandmother’s rugs in their home.


I have 2 large Persian rugs, one under my dining room table and one in our family room.They are over 20 years old , but still in excellent condition except for the odor. In the past few years with various family circumstances we have had up to 5 cats and 3 dogs all living and marking their turf on these rugs. We tried every cleaning product, Stanley Steamer, Green carpet professionals,the lists goes on….the only thing they removed was money from our pocketbook. We had almost given up when I found Meir Martin’s website .I immediately liked the dead sea minerals he used and is a unique way of claiming that he designed himself.
I live in TN and I was going to have to ship the rugs to FL, but It was so easy. Mr. Martin texted me what to do and there was even a video explaining how to fold the rugs. He sent me everything I needed and made all the arrangements with Fed Ex. My rugs were returned in less than 2 weeks clean and ODOR FREE !

It may seem costly at first , but think of the cost of a new rug. Mr. Martin will have your old rug smelling clean and looking like new. He kept in touch every step of the way ensuring me my rugs were in good hands.
Not only do I have clean rugs ,but I have met a man that stands behind his product and takes pride in his work. I now consider Meir a long distance friend. You will not be disappointed in PeePeeCleaning service. I sure wasn’t! Sincerely, Anne Woody

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