My name is Meir Martin today my hobby is wildlife photographer. And my passion is PetPeePee business, I build an invented the system to clean the Oriental rug and drapery organically by using the Dead Sea minerals and vacuum floor machine.

PetPeePee Company About Us


Meir Martin, invented and found the Dead Sea Minerals and the “Vacuum Floor”, Oriental rug cleaning Machine, PetPeePee company /Service about us.


If a fortune teller will tell me, then I am going to be a carpet cleaner in the future! I will laugh at him.

My name is Meir Martin and I’m the owner of that PetPeePee company/service.

As a wildlife photographer that’s love nature and especially birds (publishing the book” Desert Birds of Israel”1986, I was dreaming al0072-surreal-naturel my life to be in Africa taking pictures and work with animals.


Meir Martin the vacuum floor machine control by electrical box that is working with the relay and delay technology that’s belonged to the 80

Yet, the future change course of my life, and in 1989 I came to America from Israel as a wildlife photographer, the reality hit me, that’s photographer is not what I desire to do in America, and I find accidentally a job in the carpet cleaning industry.

Doing to America with my family and 172-pound dog (a mastiff Neapolitan) lead the way to discover that urine odor is challenged to be transferred.

I find out one day, that my monster dog urinated in the middle of the living room, all the effort to cleanse and get rid of the urine odor completely, drive me crazy, the smell every morning of the urine odor, blend with all the chemicals/deodorize lead to collapsing the mansion and moved to another place.

I start working as a carpet cleaner by cleaning houses for leaving, and I discover that this business can put the food on my table, I worked for several companies, and found that no one can guarantee to

Remove the urine odor permanent.

As a child, I had a dog in Jerusalem, and when my dog had some accident on the Oriental rug, that was in the living room, my mom, used to apply a white powder on the rug, and the odor gone completely.

As a carpet cleaner, I recognize that I possess a secret formula than I can use in every area such as, carpet, furniture, hard floor, Oriental rug, area rug, and get rid of the urine odor completely.


Tabriz Oriental rug that saturated with the cat urine odor, shipped from New York to PetPeePee warehouse to be cleaned, and to remove the cat urine odor permanently, PetPeePee using the Dead Sea minerals that is 100% odor free and kill bacteria naturally.

After research and a lot of thought, I open my company by the name” pet accident, call Martin” however the name was too complicated and customers didn’t like the name.

One afternoon, coming from the job and the name PetPeePee hit me.

The Year 2002, the PetPeePee name become the flag, and the logo of my company, because the service that I provide is: urine odor removal the name perfectly fit and describe exactly what I do.

Today 2016, PetPeePee company providing nationwide service for: Oriental rug and drapery cleaning from dog and cat urine odor, and the reviews that we received on; Google or Angie’s List, prove that our business system is working to a perfection.


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