Cleaning Drapery from dust, or Urine Odor.

Cleaning drapery from dust and dirt, or cleaning, drapery from urine odor.

What’s the difference?

Cleaning drapery from dust, dirt, or, cleaning the drapery from Pet Pee Pee odor.

Cleaning drapery from dust and dirt, or cleaning, drapery from urine odor. What's the difference

Cleaning drapery from dust and dirt, or cleaning, drapery from urine odor. What’s the difference

What is the best service?

Custom-made drapery most likely are very expensive, the right care of them would ensure the curtain will be Hank for a long time on the windowpane.

What is the understanding we should clean our drapery?

Every 5 to 10 years we should clean the drapery from dust and soil, depend on the condition of the home.

Cleaning the drapery from dust and soiled: the “dry-cleaning” is the most common service for this application. However, most of us that the concern of the toxic chemicals in the Dry-cleaning process, will avoid using this type of service.

In some cases, a light steam cleaning process, would be the right answer for cleaning the drapery from the dust and soil.

What you should know when a professional, or, if you decide to do it yourself.

  1. Cleaning the drapery when it’s Hank is the best way, it will minimize the risk of shrinking, however color run can occur.
  2. You must clean the drapery from the top all the way down (dry-cleaning or steam cleaning)
  3. Do not use any deodorant (all the deodorize blend with the detergent) by cleaning the drapery with the deodorize, part of the detergent would stay in the fiber, and will a truck dust and soil faster, I highly recommend using only cold water and, vacuum immediately! This is can give you excellent results, because all the detergent will attract bacteria and dust faster.
  4. Subsequently cleaning the drapery, a floor fan on high speed will ensure the drapery will dry quicker.
  5. The best time to execute the cleaning is a sunny day that you can exit the windows open, this will ensure the drapery will dry quicker.
  6. Please remember to clean drapery is at your own risk.

So, what we should do when you discover that your cat or dog urinated on the custom-made drapery, what is the right way to remove the urine odor, the stains, permanently.

  1. After you discover that your pet pee pee on your draperies, in most cases customers panic and use some cleaning product to remove the Pat accident that design for carpet.
  2. Most of the cleaning product to remove urine smell from carpet contain enzymes, and deodorize, the enzyme and the deodorant mixed with detergent, by applying the enzyme (detergent) on the urine stain, we must rain’s the fiber (draperies) from the detergent completely.
  3. Washing only the tail of the drapery will lead to a brown stain between the dry, wet area, (washing the drapery completely will lead to shrinking).
  4. This brown stain will turn into a permanent stain, this will affect the beauty of the Curtains, and the harm will go lasting.
  5. Taking the drapery to the dry cleaner: in most cases, we will ask the dry cleaner to clean the drapery, and is answered will be no problem.
  6. Still, if you ask the dry cleaner the right question, can you get rid of the urine odor permanently? And most of the dry-cleaning will answer; NO! Because dry-cleaning solution cannot remove the urine smell.
  7. So, what to do, what to do?

PetPeePee company.

Since 1991, PetPeePee company provides one type of service, urine odor removal from, Oriental rug and Draperies.

We produce a unique cleaning process to clean Oriental rugs by building a vacuum floor, and a secret formula and process to clean draperies from urine odor.

Visit Angie’s List and see the 50 all A reviews that we had from our clients, visit Google reviews and assure all the five-star. This what makes are proud That Our system is Working.

Please watch the video on YouTube, PetPeePee drapery cleaning from urine odor, Drapery cleaning Do It Yourself, I’m certain one of them is the problem you will look to gear up.

PetPeePee service Statement: 100% guarantee in writing urine odor removal.

We invented the system to clean silk and Drapery from urine odor.

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