PetPeePee organic cleaning for drapery and Oriental rug

PetPeePee company providing a nationwide service for cleaning and removing dog and cat urine odor from Oriental rug and drapery since 1991 using the Dead Sea minerals.

Since 1991 I have visited thousands of homes in South Florida, and thousands more ship to my warehouse, drapery, Oriental rug, area carpet, Louis Vuitton purse with the cat urine odor, wedding dress, car seat, shoes with cat urine, pilot leather bag, a pillow with cat urinated on, and many more.

Most of them have identical problem, urine smell. Many of us are treating a urine as a dirt, and this would induce the problem!

Urine is a protein and have to be handled in a proper manner, to get rid of the smell, the awful horrible odor.

Since 1991 customer told me unimaginable ways they attempt to clean the urine smell.

Allow me distinguish you some of the story, some of them you may not going to conceive.

Utilizing the common cleaning product on, dog or cat urine odor, such as “natures miracle” Febreze, Chanel five, Estée Lauder, it’s a common way customers tried to cover up the urine smell.

Here’s the first story.

I derived to the customer that live in the Wood field country club, it’s an exclusive area in Boca Raton, to pick up supersize, antique Oriental rug, made in Iran.

The dog urinated on it so bad, then the rug was rolled into the garage.

I opened the rug, it was in a great condition, with a horrible odor off dog pee, and the cleaning products that the customer used.

I show the lady the price for the cleaning, and the madam said, “I would clean it myself”, turn her back to me and proceeded back home.

I am setting myself to leave and I said to the lady before she arrives in the doorway, “if you resolve not to clean it, I will buy the rug as is”.

Two weeks later the lady called me and asked me how much I offer her for the rug? I gave her the price and she said “come over the rug in the garage you can take it”.

I got to the house, and parked my car on the driveway backwards, so I can load the rug into the van.

The smell of bleach from her garage was very strong, the lady came over and she said with a tone not so friendly, “you can pick up the rug” I said “did you try to clean the rug with bleach?”

She said, “no I didn’t put any things on the rug”.

So why I smell bleach?

She said yes, somebody told me to put bleach on the concrete floor, and lay the rug on the top of it, so the smell of the bleach will kill the urine odor.

I opened the rug and rolled it back, and left the house without even say, you have a good day.

80 years old Tabriz, antique excellent condition, must go to the dumpster, because the lady doesn’t want to spend $5 a square foot to clean the rug.

Oriental rug urine odor removal using Dead Sea Minerals


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