How to Prepare an Oriental rug for Storage

How to prepare on the wool,Silk, Oriental rug for Storage.

Prepare your Wool Silk Oriental rug for storing the right way.

I will twist all about storing Oriental rug, made of: Wool, Silk, and Or Cotton.
The right way to Moth or other critters will not not the rug as, Home or Food.

Many of my customers realize after the dog or the cat don’t stop urinating on the rug, to store the Oriental rug, for some time in teal the pet will lives the house for good.



Probably your dog would be very upset when you prepare your Oriental rug going to the storage. Protect your rug in storage by clean its first and cover it with a paper or cloth.

Time is passing so fast, from the time the rug place in the store, in teal the rug move back to our home can take a couple years. Prepare the rug and then when the time come to nibble up the rug will be ready to proceed straight to the base without any harm.

Cleaning the Oriental rug before the storage is must.
And it sustains to be clean in PetPeePee warehouse. You probably say why?

Let me explain further.
Cleaning Oriental rugs from urine odor, is one of the main reasons the rug going for storage, removing all the dirt, dust and the urine crystallize that is food for the bacteria.

Cleaning the Oriental rug Not by PetPeePee.
Cleaning the carpet with all the Soap, Enzyme, and Deodorizing, will not completely removes the Urine crystal, this will contribute to growing bacteria, the bacteria will eat the protein (urine crystal) and when the food will end they will use up the color in the wool, and this will lead to Yellow stains that is like a bleach stain.

When PetPeePee cleaning your rug, we guarantee 100% urine odor, Crystal removal and Moor.
The Dead Sea Cleaning product that we use is Organic cleaners from the Dead Sea that kill bacteria naturally, and will prevent any moth or egg insects for starting a new aliveness in your RUG.

And More. When sending the rug to be clean from urine odor let us know if your rug going back home, or to a storage place. If the rug going to the depot, we will handle the rug with Extra Dead Sea Protection. Now your rug can go to storage for a long time, and when you decide to take the rug back home, just vacuum the carpet to remove the Extra Powder (Dead Sea) the Dead Sea Powder is organic and safe to pet and us, it is Odor Free, and the taste is really bitter.

Moth, insect and Wool Oriental rug.
A female Moth will lay thousands of eggs inside the wool.
(If the Oriental rug in the household, by vacuuming the carpeting on a regular base the egg will be vacuumed, however, if the rug is in a tight room or store, the low light and zero movement will offer excellent background for the egg to hatch, and the larvae will consume a serious chunk of the wool (nap) as they rose and prepared to metamorphose into adults.

The Dead Sea will Minerals will protect the wool from all types of Moth and Insects.

PetPeePee Oriental rug cleaning organically in the right way.

How to Prepare an Oriental rug for Storage

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