How to vacuum wool-silk Antique rug

How to clean, Vacuum my wool, Silk, Oriental rug the right way?


How to vacuum and care of my Oriental rug from dog saliva and dog Hair, vacuum the rug one way with the nap, and no brush use only the suction of the track you will ensure the top of the rug is not going to be fuzzy.

How to clean and vacuum the Oriental rug the right way? Is vacuuming every day, it’s good or bad?

Vacuuming your Persian/rug will protect the longevity of your “art on the floor.”
Wool/Silk rugs act as an air filter; the carpet will generate Electric static that will attract dust and air-born bacteria.
By vacuuming the top of the rug once a week, (DIRECTION OF THE NAP), this act will raise all the unwanted dirt within the carpet.
The oldest recipe for cleaning Oriental rug.
One’s a Year flips the rug on his face for a week or two, Recommended after all the holidays. By walking on the backside of the rug, the dust/send will fall on the floor.
Move the rug collect the dirt, and vacuum the rug.
You will be amazed at how much grunge and dust fall from the rug.
The customer has also asked.
Shall I let my Carpet Cleaner go over the Oriental rug to refresh the color?
My answer is a definite NO.
And the cause is the cleaning solution the Carpet cleaner use, design for synthetic carpet, not organic fiber. Utilizing the steam or dry cleaning solution, the chemical that will live in the rug will attract the dirt faster, and the carpeting will look dull.

Area rug cleaning service

Customer home Decorated by wool area rug

Rugs hang on the wall must also be dusted.
The Rug on the wall requires vacuuming, even is not walked on, it still picks up dust.
Use the vacuum furniture, hand tool, and genteelly vacuum with the guidance of the periphery.
Your grandma’s best cleaning recipes. Vinegar!
Mix 50% Vinegar and 50% COLD water.
1. Carpeting on the wall: spray on the rug lightly and Vacuum.
2. Oriental rug on the floor do the same (be careful the floor may be slippery).

How the vinegar clean?

This information copy from:
“Vinegar is well acknowledged as a cleaning agent. It is especially effective in removing inorganic soils and mineral deposits such as hard water films. It is also effective against a broad range of bacteria, destroying or reducing these organisms to acceptable levels”.
It Works, and I recommended it.
Organic Fiber such as Wool, Cotton, Silk, Jute, and more, cleaned in the carpet cleaning industry, Most of the time) as a synthetic fiber.
Our Dry cleaning uses a dry cleaning solution, and the Carpet cleaner uses steam with Enzyme (detergent) on wool/silk Oriental rug.
All of this will lead to harm to the detail that we treasure.
We spend so much time and money to obtain the right Oriental rug or Silk fiber to adorn our house.
And when the time arrived to clean the Oriental carpet, we expect to keep open a penny by choosing the wrong carpet cleaner.
Before sending your Oriental rug to be clean by a “Professional carpet cleaner,” my recommendation is to read my blog.
It will Light the dark recess of the cleaning process/Machine and the determination of all the chemicals utilized to clean your Oriental rug by Carpet Cleaners.

PetPeePee service A Cleaning process that makes sense.

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