What should you ask before calling an Oriental Rug Cleaning Service?

What should you know, ask, over the phone, before calling an Oriental Rug Cleaning Service?

The right question to a professional carpet cleaner can save you money and aggravation

What you should know before calling an Oriental Rug Cleaning company. After discovering that your pets have urinated on the Oriental rug, the right question can save you money and aggravation.

Do you Guarantee in writing Total Odor removal without coverup the oriental rug with Deodorizer?

The most common questions customers ask on Oriental rug cleaning service.

Do you know! Not all the carpet cleaning process is the same.

Knowing the fact of the Oriental rug cleaning process will lead you to choose the right service.

Ask more questions.

Exaggerate the problem if needed over the phone to receive the right answer.

If your dog pees on the Oriental rug, and you have a slight urine odor, ask the carpet cleaner over the phone, “I have a Cat that urinated on my oriental rug for a long time. DO you guarantee total urine odor removal?

In most cases, the answer will be, “I will do my best, but I cannot GUARANTEE.”

Do you know?

The Oriental rug must be clean in a cleaning facility; Some cleaning processes can cause permanent damage to your Oriental rug as Color bleed or fiber broken (fuzziness).

Do you know?

Most of the carpet cleaners are using.

  1. Duster. Scrubber. Submerging bath. Roller. Deodorizer. Detergent (Enzyme) Machine that design to clean wall-to-wall carpet, not on Oriental rug.

  1. The Duster: One of the harshest machines that beat your Oriental rug that laid on Mattel screen. The beating will tear and break the foundation of any wool or silk Oriental rug. The duster design removes the dust and dirt from a floor mat that affronts the store door, NOT your Heirloom Oriental rug!

  1. Scrubber, carpet cleaning machine (weight 100lb or more) design to buff the tile, clean syntactic carpet (restaurant), or heavy traffic area. Using the Scrubber on your Silk Wool Oriental rug, The Twisted Wool/silk will be undefended, and the top of the rug will be Fussy.

  1. Submerging bath. A large bath, that field with, Water Detergent and Enzyme. The Oriental rug laid in the bath and swim his on the dirt, pee and the enzyme (Soap), and more; if the rug has to be clean from urine odor, the Oriental rug will be in the tub for more than 1 hour for the Enzyme to work on the Pee. To remove the soap from our clothing, the washing machine has to rinse the clothes 5 times before the whirling. If the Oriental rug is not rinsed completely from the soap, the remaining Soap (oil) will attract the dirt, and the rug will look dole. It is impossible to eliminate all the soap from, Wool or Silk Oriental rug; therefore, to cover the Enzyme odor, Deodorizer spray on the rug, adding more oil inside the carpet makes it more sticky.

  1. Roller: The Roller weighs 150lb. By rolling this weight on the Oriental rug, the roller will tear the cotton, and the rug will be fragile.

  1. Deodorizer: Deodorizer, Why, Do you need Deodorizer? If the urine odor has been withdrawn, most carpet cleaners will use a deodorizer to mask the urine smell if the urine smell is still in the rug. If you ask the cleaning service not to use Deodorizer, they will refuse to pick up the rug.

  1. Enzyme: The Enzyme comes in a variety of odors. From Disgusting to horrible odor. Put your nose in the open bottle, and you will understand why deodorizer must apply before the delivery. All the Enzymes mix with Detergent (soap) makes it unmanageable to be rinsed completely from the Area carpet.

Don’t ask the carpet cleaner how much you charge? Ask them: do you guarantee in writing urine odor removal? This will clarify the result you are looking for.

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