Oriental rug cleaning process that’s makes sense.

Oriental rug cleaning process that’s makes sense. cleaning process to remove dog and cat urine odor from Oriental rug, service by PetPeePee company.

Since 1991 PetPeePee company develops a cleaning process that change the way how we clean Oriental rug from the urine scent.

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PetPeePee company research and development fine the new way to clean Oriental rugs from dog and cat urine odor, by developing the Dead Sea Minerals, and building the vacuum floor machine that’s clean the Oriental rug through.

Let’s look of common problems that pet owner facing.

Our lovely cats or dogs head some accident on the Oriental rug.

By cleaning the stain with ordinary cleaning product that’s available in the pet store, in most cases we push the crystal deep to the rearward end of the rug.

After the odor becomes overwhelming, we send the rug to be clean by a professional rug cleaner.

The right way to judge the carpet cleaner, is by watching at his cleaning process video.

Most likely you find that, the cleaning process the carpet cleaning using is no different than a wall-to-wall carpet cleaning, this method of cleaning cannot ensure the removal of the urine odor, therefore in the final cleansing process they spray the Oriental rug with deodorize to mask the urine smell.

Let’s look at the scenario, when the pet urinated on the Oriental rug, the urine sink all away from the top to the bottom, 80% of the urine would be absorbed by the foundation of the rug, by cleaning the Oriental rug on the top or the bottom we cannot reach the crystal that it’s in the middle of the foundation, therefore after the rug would be delivered we will smell the urine odor plus the Deodorizer.

A PetPeePee company, Oriental rug cleaning process that’s makes sense.

Since our only business that we provide is urine odor removal, PetPeePee company develop a machine “MDM” vacuum floor and the organic odor free cleaner from the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea minerals flood the Oriental rug on the top, and the vacuum floor suction the needs under the rug, will pull all the cleaner THROUGH the rug, this process repeat itself many many times until they tube will show us clear cleaner, then we know the cleaning process has come to an end.

The proof of our success is on Google PetPeePee’s reviews

Five-star reviews on Google and 54 reviews on Angie’s list proved that’s PetPeePee system is a substantial chore.

Watching the video how we clean Oriental rug, will place PetPeePee company first in the business.


PetPeePee Oriental rug cleaning process that’s makes sense.

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