PetPeePee develop the right cleaning product to remove urine odor from furniture

Removing urine odor from sofa or pillow, PetPeePee the only one guarantee in writing hundred percent urine odor removal permanently by using the Dead Sea minerals

Removing cat or dog urine odor from Pillows.

Removing cat or dog urine odor from Pillows

My name is Meir Martin and I’m the owner and the inventor of the Organic PetPeePee service.

Since 1991 I am providing one type of service, urine odor removal from: Oriental rug, Custom Made Drapery, Furniture, and Unique Fiber.

After we discover that our pets have urinated on the sofa!

The Question is: can we remove the urine odor in the house, by using the urine odor removal products?

Let’s look at the scenario after the Pats urinated on the pillows.

  1. The urine travels all away inside the foam, Down feather.
  2. We try to clean it with a urine odor removal cleaning product.
  3. This cleaning product contains enzymes, deodorizer.
  4. The enzyme must be blended with soap (look at this video link)
  5. By saturating the urine spot (pillow) with a cleaning product, we push the urine, deep inside the foam and the result will be a bigger stain with an unpleasant smell, enzyme soap and Pee Pee.
  6. We at PetPeePee Company named that “PeePeeSoap”.
  7. More you try to remove the odor, worse you make it, because you add more cleaning products without the option to rain’s, flash out, the PeePeeSoap.

PetPeePee company develops the vacuum floor and the organic odor free Dead Sea minerals, that rains Through the pillow.

The combination of Dead Sea minerals and the vacuum floor, and the experience that’s we gain since 1991 will ensure total urine odor removal permanently. see the last review post on Google attached here.

The experience and expertise than I gain since 1991 providing me with the right service in the correct result that you’ll be seen in, Pillow free from Deodorizer and total urine odor removal.

We at PetPeePee challenge our customers upon delivery, put your nose, whatever you want on the clean pillow, guarantee no trace of any odor, we guarantee it in writing.


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