Cleaning the wool rug from dog urine odor.

Cleaning A wool rug from Dog’s urine odor. PetPeePee service Our Dead Sea Cleaner is Design by mother Nature to kill Bacteria.

Cleaning a wool area rug from dog urine odor, would you should know.

Since 1991 I have visited many customers to provide one type of service, cleaning Oriental rug, area rug, wool rug, silk carpet, and synthetic rug, all of them had one same problem, dogs, cats, urine odor and stain, and the customer asked me if I can remove the urine odor permanently?

When our pet’s urinated on the wool carpet, the urine become food for the bacteria, and the Bacteria will grow on it immediately, Fact.

By cleaning the stain with a cleaning product that’s most likely contain enzymes, the combination of urine, enzyme (soap) would lead to a brown stain that will resurface on the wool rug.

The challenge of cleaning they wool rug is to remove the urine and the cleaning product the customer used.

In most cases, we send the Oriental rug or the wool rug to a carpet cleaner, this provider will clean the rug with the same machine and chemicals (enzyme) they used to clean synthetic carpet at home (wall-to-wall carpet).

This will lead to resurfacing of the stain after the job is complete.


To pets owners

I recommend, ask the service provider, if they will provide you with a written guarantee: urine odor removal permanently! whiteout using Deodorizer or Enzyme that lives unpleasant smell.

What you should know about PetPeePee Service.

Our standard cleaning process guarantees in writing 100% urine odor removal permanently, and because, we using the Dead Sea odor free cleaning product, PetPeePee statement” upon delivery put your nose, whatever you want on the clean wool rug, we guarantee no trace of urine odor, and never smell of deodorize or enzyme.

PetPeePee system a cleaning process that’s makes sense.

Please watch the video how the “Dead Sea minerals”, and the vacuum floor machine revolutionize the way how Oriental rug wool rug should be clean.

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