Carpet cleaning urine stains

Urine on what latex area rug may become permanent

Cleaning a wall carpet from dog urine, in some cases stain will become permanently if we didn’t clean it immediately, due to the urine and they wool quality fiber

How to clean stains from Carpet the right way

What should you know about your dog or cat after they urinating on the Carpet Area rug, Oriental rug or Wood Floor.

PetPeePee service the name said all.

After you passed the stage of panic, let’s see how we can clean the dog or cat’s accident the right way.

Wall-to-wall carpeting:

Carpet cleaning urine stains

90% of wall-to-wall carpet is made from nylon, acrylic, or synthetic material.

However, the pet accident can leave the carpet with the stain that’s cannot be removed, such as urine (dark yellow from medicine) blood, diarrhea, or vomit.

The best way to remove this type of accident is by using tap water, Shop Vacuum (wet dry vacuum) and a cup of tap water with three drops of Dawn (see the picture), and vinegar.

Let’s start to work: apply the water on the spot and vacuum one way, repeat the process as necessary, do not scrub (scrubbing the nap of the rug will ruin the texture of the Carpet).

After removing the stain, apply the cup with “Dawn” let the soap do its job for 15 to 30 second, vacuum, rinse the stains with the tap water, the end applies the vinegar to break down the soap and to kill the bacteria that’s may grow all away down in the padding.

Wood floor, tile and Grout.

Wood floor that’s protected by varnished and Sealer are not protected from urine!

The liquid that’s our pets left on the wood floor will eventually will go down to the base of the wood this will lead to a big problem, because all the cleaning products that sold in the market contain enzymes, deodorant and soap, and it’s no way to lift the urine crystal out.

Clean your carpet the right way, PetPeePee we invented the right cleaning product

Don’t let something good go bad. By using the ordinary cleaning product that sold in the market you will end with a brown stain all over result from the cleaning product that’s contain soap enzyme. You will end with a brown stains all over

The soap will stay with the dead bacteria (from the urine) and this will lead to a brown stain on the wood.

When the dog pees on ceramic tile, the urine will absorb into the grout, the urine eventually will turn to a salt crystal that’s will lift the title from the floor base.

The best is to wash the floor with a water and vinegar this will break breakdown the bacteria, that cause bed odor and acid residue (salt).

Area rug made of wool, nylon, not Oriental rug.

Cleaning area rugs from pet accident are similar as wall-to-wall carpet.

However, the towel under the rug in the cleaning process will help.

In some cases, we should clean the back of the rug in the same way we clean the top.

Oriental rug and antique Oriental carpet.

After we discover that our pets had an accident on our favorite Oriental rug the best way to clean the stain (spot).

Find the Nap of the fiber (do not clean against the fiber, this will induce a permanent impairment).

Before cleaning, apply towel under the rug stain (stain).

Repeat the same process as a wall-to-wall carpet, use care when you impose the water or so color may go from the black (Dark) color to the light color apply the water very gently and vacuum immediately.

An accident such as: vomit, diarrhea, blood or dark yellow pee may leave some stain that’s cannot be withdrawn, please contact us in the business HOURS and we would gladly help you.

Vinegar: in some cases, you may not use vinegar because: vinegar may set the stain in the fiber permanently, (fact: when the high quality Oriental rug has complete weaving, The Oriental rug will be washed with a strong vinegar, Vinegar will hold the color in the fiber, break down the Brown bacteria that grow naturally in the vegetable dye) so vinegar in some cases is not recommended.

Please know the cleaning process that you do is at your own risk. and we are not obligated to any damage that occurred, this information provide you as a good faith and we are not obligated to any damage that may occur.









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