Organic all natural Oriental rug cleaning: By PetPeePee Service

Cleaning 80 years old antique Oriental rugs from cat urine odor by PetPeePee company

Organic all-natural Oriental rug cleaning: by PetPeePee service Cleaning 80 years old antique Oriental rug from dog or cat urine odor by PetPeePee service

After discovering that your cat has used the Oriental rug instead her litter box, it’s time to take approach the right way, and the right way is clean and removing the urine odor organically.

Introducing the PetPeePee service and the XpetPee machine that’s cleans the Oriental rug through.

Using the Dead Sea minerals, the organic odor free cleaning solution, and the system that revolutionizes the way how Oriental rug should be clean.

Antique Oriental rug carry’s a lot of memory’s, the time takes a toll on the foundation and the texture of the rug, it’s mean we should care of the art on the floor with a lot of gentle gloves.

The XpetPee machine design to clean the Oriental rug through, the odor free, organic Dead Sea minerals flood the Oriental rug on the cover and the suction under the rug vacuumed all the cleaner through the carpet, all the urine crystal, the debris, and the cleaning product that’s previously used will flush out of the antique Oriental rug.

The XpetPee machine proves itself by receiving unsurpassed reviews from our nationwide clients.

The XpetPee eliminate the need to use all the carpet cleaner equipment and the toxic chemicals that’s well known as a deodorizer, an enzyme’s, micro pen, steam cleaning and dry cleaning solution.

By using the eatable, organic, Dead Sea blended minerals, you can perform a yoga on the rug, even your infant can creep and run along this beautiful antique Oriental carpet.

My name is Meir Martin my passion for many years is photographing birds in nature (please visit my payback to the nature; all the cleaning product I’m using are 100% organic.

PetPeePee system a cleaning process that’s makes sense.

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