Everglades giant artwork by Meir Martin

My name is Meir Martin I’m a photographer, inventor, and the owner of PetPeePee company.

From sunrise to sunset in the Everglades. Meir Martin artwork 40 feet long by 44 inches wide printed on canvas

Everglades panoramic giant artwork by Meir Martin. 40 feet long by 44 inches wide this is the largest pictures of the Everglades in the world describe the wide life, the atmosphere and the feeling to be in the Everglades.

My name is Meir Martin and I see and photograph the world different.

My history probably is no different than any other photographer that’s received a camera in a young age.

I grew up in Jerusalem very close to Bethlehem and the old city, after the Army I become a photographer.

In 1980 I decide to take a different course and become a wildlife photographer, when the film camera and the lenses wore manual focus.

In 1986 I published a book “desert bird of Israel”, and two years later I find myself in Florida.

I abended my hobby and my passion, and invented a new system to clean Oriental rug, area carpet, and drapery from dog and cat urine odor.

I build the machine, and invented a new cleaning product that it is organic, odor free, and different from the rest.

In 2002 I open a company by the name PetPeePee®, very unusual name, that is essential for pet owners, like me.

In 2008 I went back to the photography, and created a new form of art.

with the help of the computer, Photography, imagination and memory.

So, how I create my giant artwork?

Early morning before the sun rise, before the Apache fog burned by the sun, I’m capturing the moment, the birds that’s flying over my mind, and the deer that carry over the gold water, the trees with the burning leaves, and the blue sky of the Everglades, burn my memory to a different position.

All the images, download to the computer and after 12 hours or more I completed the Artwork.

Most of my pictures are 20 x 60” or larger.

The most fascinated, and challenging pictures is the ceiling artwork, those images take hundreds of images, birds, water, trees, alligator, light, wind, colors, son, imagination to complete the ceiling artwork.

The ceiling artwork can be watched from any angel, and more you look, you hear something fresh.

To know more about my business, visit PetPeePee.com

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