Equipment for Cleaning Oriental Carpet

Fab 14, 2017

Looking for Equipment for cleaning Oriental carpet that’s can clean Oriental rug and the area carpet, from dirt, soil, and can get rid of Dogs, Cat urine odor permanently.

This is the best time right now to consider buying The XpetPee machine.

If your line of work is already cleaning, rug and carpet, you probably ewer how challenging and difficult it is to transfer the urine odor and the filth from a heavy Oriental Carpet, that’s saturated with a cat urine scent.

The XpetPee machine invented by Mr. Meir Martin the owner of PetPeePee company.

The Dead Sea minerals (cleaner) combine with the MDM machine it's the ultimate cleaning process for any Oriental rug area carpet.

The XpetPee machine Is the “machine for cleaning Oriental carpet” design to clean the Oriental rug, area carpet, needlepoint, area rug, silk antique carpet from dog and cat urine odor, Do to the cleaning process the XpetPee function “through”dust and soil will remove easily

The XpetPee machine is the right equipment to clean an area rug, antique Oriental rug, high quality silk carpet, and an expensive area rug.

The XpetPee machine eliminates the need to use: all the toxic chemical and the heavy equipment that’s carpet cleaner uses such as: enzyme, deodorize, micro been, soap, detergent, high-pressure, scrubber, roller, squeezes, Wolverine Rug, Dusters, Tumble Duster, Rug Sucker, washtub, and heavy lifting of wet Oriental carpet.

How the XpetPee works?

A large vacuum floor that generates suction under the Oriental rug.

The organic Dead Sea cleaner will spread over the Oriental carpet on the top (for example 9 x 12 Oriental rugs will be extended by 75 gallons) the suction under the rug will vacuum the cleaner solution through the Oriental carpet to the underside of the pan, this operation will replicate itself many times, by viewing the tube you can witness in a real time the cleaning operation.

The XpetPee machine eliminates the need to lift the wet Oriental carpet. The carpet will be washed and vacuumed without moving in till the drying time.

This process will eliminate the risk of color run, touring the rug by pulling, lifting heavy rug from the washtub, never smell the odor of deodorizer, enzyme, and chemicals.

This is the 21st century! time for organic cleaning product that will impress your customer.

PetPeePee slogan.

Ask your customer upon delivery, put your nose, whatever you want on the clean

Oriental rug, area carpet guarantee in writing, no trace of urine odor, and never smell of deodorizer or chemicals.

“XpetPee” machine A Cleaning Process That Makes Sense.

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